The hairdresser, an interior decoration furniture essential for bedrooms. A chic and elegant furnishings with several drawers and a mirror. A storage unit for make-up, beauty products, jewelry, perfumes, etc.

There are several styles of hairdresser to adorn your room, in this article we will introduce you to the hairdressers baroque style.

The old baroque hairdressers: trend and design

The hairdressers were first created in the 18th century and designed specifically for women. Beech, poplar, oak, fir, blackened pear and exotic woods were the main materials for furniture making at the time.

The old rococo hairdressers have a rounded line appearance. The footings are often curved. They are equipped with a mirror, often in the shape of a circle. There are also models of old baroque hairdresser with three mirrors to allow women to wear precise makeup. The models of hairdressers that came out in the 18th century are very diverse. Sometimes they are accompanied by a small stool with a classy tapestry or lamp. And there are also the heart-shaped models. They are decorated with silver or gold sculptures. These are sumptuous and chic "art deco" furniture that will adorn your room.

A baroque hairdresser for a house in the world

All over the world the Baroque style has developed, especially in Italy or Spain where this art is found in both furniture and architecture. Depending on the country where furniture is produced the shades adapt to local colors, so in Hispanic countries as in South America the bright colors on the carved and ubiquitous wood, while in European countries gold or silver will be more appreciated.

You like antiques especially baroque style! Want to bring a vintage touch to your room? The Louis XV Baroque style hairdresser will give charm and elegance to your room. It is made from solid woods such as mahogany, ebony, rosewood, etc. It is often colored in gold or silver.

A Louis XV hairdresser is enhanced by pictograms of different motifs such as the star, the volutes of flowers, doves, etc. It also features a large mirror with curved feet in the shape of crowbars. It can be combined with another more modern style to have a very original decoration.

Black or white baroque console as a hairdresser

Baroque consoles are also furniture of unique and luxurious decorations. Today, they are very popular. Black and white makeup table consoles are more contemporary styles. To give your room more brightness, the Console white is really ideal for bringing romance to your room and storing your accessories, jewelry and makeup.

While black rococo consoles are perfect for adorning your living room. The very old consoles are made from authentic materials such as solid woods and raised by sculptures. There are also steel console sets with stool with the upper level marble or tempered glass.

Console baroque coiffeuse

Where to find the Baroque Hairdresser offer at the best price?

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The price of a baroque hairdresser with antique mirror depends on its age the older it is the more expensive it is. Depending on your style, you can choose between the various baroque hairdressers that the site offers you. You are refunded if you are not satisfied with the furniture you bought on HTdeco, returning your purchase within 14 days.