The decorative design pieces that make up your home reflect your personality. For some time now, the collection of vintage seats has become very fashionable. You can choose between various structures, cladding and shape for your seats. Do you want to revive your room with an old armchair? This article will be of great use to you.

Don't forget that there are various styles of antique furniture. However, the airman's chairs remain the best in 2020. They easily adapt to the color of your walls without tarnishing the decorations already existing in the living room.

How do I recognize an aviator club armchair?

It is very easy to recognize the aviator club armchair, unlike the classic model its carcass is covered with riveted aluminum plates.

Remember that aviator furniture is the benchmark in terms of luxury furniture. They have enough to revive your interior. Its real leather or faux leather coatings will seduce you.

Fauteuil club aviateur en aluminium

The history and origin of aviator armchairs

Airman's chairs appeared after the Second World War. At that time, American cities began to run out of resources, when a designer came up with the idea of making armchairs using the cabins of war planes. His goal was to recreate the precious seats of the pilots. Since its launch, aviator sofas have been a great success around the world.

After a few decades, we have also seen the appearance of brown and black aviator club armchairs. Having become increasingly important, these furniture are considered to be vintage pieces of priceless value.

What are the peculiarities of aviator furniture?

Aviator armchairs are very easy to recognize thanks to their cocoon shapes. It's a design that's special to him. Its exceptional structure also offers an incredible comfort to its user.

Moreover, aviator-style sofas are, more often than not, decorated with aluminum or silver plates. The latter is more expensive, but will offer a touch of luxury to your office.

The various types of leather Aviator armchairs

The design and manufacturing of aviator armchairs have been constantly innovated over the years. The goal of the modification is to create a unique piece of furniture that will not be left behind over time. Each artist opts for rather daring decorations for his masterpiece. This is why each model is adorned with various natural objects such as flowers.

Wooden structures

They are made from a solid noble wooden structure such as beech, pine and rubber. For throes, some craftsmen use structures made from walnut and iron plate or riveted aluminum. Thanks to its solid and reliable foundation, the furniture can withstand a heavy load.

In order to give more charm to his creation, the furniture is matched with a synthetic or natural coating, such as black leather.

For comfort, their backs and seating are padded with renowned products such as goose feathers and polyurethane foam. You are not at risk of back pain after spending a long time on your throne.

Vintage brown leather aviator club armchair

More refined, they will bring a touch of originality to your interior. In addition, they are easy to remember and become more beautiful over the years. Indeed, leather is a material that ages over time. You won't be spoiling them anytime soon.

Which leather to choose for a vintage club armchair?

We advise you to turn to full-flower leather. Compared to conventional leather, it is very durable and requires no specific maintenance.

So far, leather aviator club armchairs are available in two colours: brown and black. In general, collectibles of this kind are lined with 100% polyurethane foam and decorated with aluminum plates. The shape and unique design of its armrests will offer you unparalleled well-being.

Metal aviator club armchairs

Often paired with leather or faux leather (brown or black), metal club carmhairs combine chic and authenticity. Compared to other types of club armchairs, this one is much more resistant. It can carry a load of 80 kilos or more. The density of the polyurethane foam contained in its back and armrest reaches 22 kg/m3.

A particularly popular model is probably the DC 3 aviator club armchair with its riveted aluminium rim and black leather faux coating.

Carpenters usually use aluminum plates to give a vintage style to his creation.

Where to buy an armchair made from airplane cabin parts?

Currently, aviator-style club armchairs are highly sought after. The oldest models are available from online antique shops and shops. In general, they showcase furniture that has already been modified. However, the elegance of the sofa does not seem to be affected.

The price of an alu aviator club armchair?

The price depends mainly on the type of seat you want to buy:

  • A modern designer armchair made with airplane parts
  • A 1950s antique with American aircraft parts
  • A reproduction inspired by 1950s models

Designers' models use both modern and old aircraft pieces, which are usually modern in appearance. this type of armchair can be worth several thousand euros, or even more than 10,000 euros.

The old Aviator-style club armchairs come mainly from the United States, so they are rare so expensive, you can get them from antique dealers specialized in aeronautics.

 Choosing to buy reproductions from the 1950s is probably the best choice, as you can find beautiful pieces for a few hundred euros. The other advantage is that you will be able to buy identical sets, aviator coffee tables, aviator chairs...

Aside from that, you can also buy your collection from specialty furniture stores. They will seduce and guide you.

Htdeco has chosen to offer synthetic seating for coating. The materials used in this way do not cause any animal pain, and we think our items are as comfortable, even more than leather models. They have the advantage of talking much more easily, and do not even require special maintenance.

In addition you will have the opportunity for a very interesting price to furnish yourself with cheap aviator club armchairs, but with high quality products.