Ceramics around a meal

Whether in your everyday life or during major events, tableware plays a key role in the art of the table, whose prestige remains perfectly anchored in France. A simple whim, practical or opulent, it plays an important role in the decoration of the table. It will leave its mark on your personality while adding an original touch. A well decorated table will certainly please everyone.

A table and chairs to surround a baroque service

Practised in particular in meals taken together, with family, friends, professionals or restaurants, the art of the table is of the utmost importance. It particularly concerns the presentation and service of dishes, the decoration of furniture, utensils and others to enhance the table. To this end, it encourages a good knowledge of various elements, including the materials used, the arrangement of crockery and the decoration of the table.

Nevertheless, decoration is a way to evolve in an environment that suits us and puts us at ease. Each period has its own typical style and the Baroque style is one of them.

The art of baroque tableware never ceases to amaze guests and always creates a sensation among them. The rococo is perfect for a meal in an old-style house, castle or other. Style of elegance and splendour, it is generally based on the contrast of black and white, sometimes with a touch of silver or gilding. If you opt for the total baroque look, also adopt rococo dining chairs.

Ceramics, an ancestral table art

To charm your family or friends, enhance your table. The use of accessories in accordance with your theme is required. You can then afford to choose beautiful antique dishes. In the 18th century, the baroque furniture for the dining room was completed with extraordinary porcelain products. Among other things, this round ceramic dish, with its sober and refined style, will bring a sumptuous dimension to your decoration. As part of the old dishes, it makes it possible to present your comforting and appetizing lunches in a beautiful way while harmonizing with the other services.

Ceramics, which have existed for several centuries, have always been pieces of art, even more so in the past. As this round ceramic dish with a high fire decoration (monochrome, blue), top of the range and modern design, is made in a traditional way. Clean and original, it certainly made the meal a privileged and convivial moment. It was created in the 3rd quarter of the 18th century (1760) in Harlingen (Netherlands). In fact, in the 18th century, Harlingen produced an important collection of earthenware dishes and plates that are sometimes difficult to differentiate between Makkum's ceramic products and other neighbouring Frisian factories. In general, some pieces are decorated with maritime, mythological or biblical subjects painted in intense blue. This is the case of this round dish representing a biblical scene depicting Jesus, the apostles and the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well. The background of the landscape is composed of cloud, tree, bird. The ornamentation of the wing is formed by stylized floral scrolls and ornamental braid. Original and very elegant, this round dish will delight your guests.

Discover this wonderful ceramic, which has inspired us so much, on the portal site of the collections of the museums of France.