The decorations are high-value furniture that highlights any room. You can choose the collector's item of your choice to create the style that's right for you. This year, the vintage or Louis XV style is very appreciated.

Would you like to buy a Louis XV chair or dresser? That is not a concern. We're here to guide you.

The old dresser

How can we tell the difference between a modern Louis XV dresser and an old one?

How much does it cost to reproduce a Louis XV dresser?

How to modernize an old dresser?

Where to buy a Louis XV dresser?

The original Louis XV dresser

King Louis XV or "the beloved" is a great admirer of art. From a young age, he enjoyed admiring the paintings of the Renaissance and the Baroque era. Upon his arrival on the throne, he contacted the country's greatest cabinetmakers. Its objective was to create original furniture and armchairs that would delicately combine utility and design.

The history and origin of the Louis XV style

The first Louis XV or "rock style" furniture and sofas appeared between 1723 and 1759. The cabinetmakers who were in the service of the beloved king had a very advanced manufacturing technique. Indeed, these carpenters master with perfection the methods of assembling solid woods.

As the style of rock has grown, it has touched a wide range of areas: painting and architecture. Therefore, the nobles and the upper bourgeoisie of the court were conquered by his divine creations.

How to recognize old Louis XV-style furniture?

In addition to its whimsical appearance, rock-style furniture is easy to recognize. It is characterized above all by its delicate curves and its original finish. It is also made using high quality materials such as carved stones, noble woods (beech, rubber and mahogany) and metal.

The shape of the furniture

In general, the beautiful Louis XV dressers of the 18th century are made from solid noble woods such as beech rubber and mahogany. The designs are made by decorations in rosewood, rosewood and various precious wood marquetry. The shapes are curved, the curves are an integral part of the furniture of the time, and contrary to the Louis XVI style.

Small dressers are often used as small storage furniture and nightstand, while large ones are used in the bedroom. The jumper dresser has high feet, with a curved shape, it opens with two drawers with bronze draw handles, it is made of solid wood and has no wooden veneer.

Hand-carved by the greatest carpenters, it will have enough to revive the decoration of your house. Indeed, Louis XV-style furniture is elegant, light and luxurious. It will be an opportunity to seduce your guests and live moments of relaxation under an idyllic setting.

In addition, its curved feet in the form of animal paws (lion, deer and deer) will add a little glamour in your living room or office. Thanks to the curved Louis XV dressers, you will have two drawers and sleepers hidden at your disposal. It's the perfect place to store and hide your precious items such as jewelry, vintage watches and other rare collectibles.

The ornamentation of the furniture

The authentic rockery-style dressers are, more often than not, decorated with wood carvings, and adorned with gilded bronzes. At first glance, the shells bloom in delicate bearings. Indeed, the Louis XV style highlights small natural accessories such as carved stones and other components.

Around 1745, the king's cabinetmakers revisited the style. It was from this moment that ornaments appeared in the form of figurative marquetry such as bouquets of flowers and musical instruments. In fact, you can see this kind of furniture when you visit the Palace of Versailles.

Ornementation en bronze doré

The colour of the furniture

Created in the image of the beloved king, the old dressers exist in several colors, when they are not in marquetry, like the Japanese models. You can choose from furniture that is coloured: brown, black, silver, gold, black and white and brown and white. As a result, this type of furniture can be easily matched with other decorative pieces. In addition, if you opt for neutral colors, you can wear several deco styles (gotique, vintage, and others).

Finishing the furniture

In order to give more delicacy to the furniture, some designers use paint. This will be an opportunity to be creative and surprise your colleagues. In addition, they can be installed in any room of the house.

The reproduction of a cheap Louis XV dresser

In recent years, antique furniture has taken on a lot of value. Therefore, they are very expensive. In order to satisfy the public HTdeco offers exact reproductions of these flagship furniture from the 1700s, they are made in Egypt by hand.

Characteristics of reproductions

Unlike real Louis XV dressers, copies are cheaper and are made using solid wood such as pine and beech and mahogany. They have no cultural value, but are as beautiful as the originals when they are made the old-fashioned way like at HTdeco.

They can put stamps back into your home and can be installed in any room. You can match it with natural decorations such as terracotta pottery and other significant objects.

We also advise you not to overload your office. This can tarnish your decorating style. Always keep in mind that the minimalist style will brighten up your living room.

Much-loved reproductions in 2020

This year, louis XV and rockery-style dressers with gilded bronzes are popular. Designed with mahogany, rosewood and precious wood veneers, they combine originality and performance.

To give them a contemporary look, the carpenters make the opening by hand using a sponge pad. Some models are curved in front and on the sides. You will have a hard time distinguishing the copy from the original. Aside from that, the reproductions are decorated with gold bronze ornamentation. The white Louis XV dressers are very popular for their romantic style. 

Is this the first time you're going to use copies of antique furniture? We recommend that you opt for the 88 cm high and 120 cm long model, which opens with three drawers. It's a standard model that will give you maximum comfort.

Reproduction d'une commode Louis XV tombeau

How to modernize an old dresser?

Did you buy an old dresser from an antique shop? That is not a concern. We have put in place little tricks that will allow you to modernize an old dresser.

Step 1: Cleaning the dresser

Before any kind of intervention, you should always clean the furniture in question. To do this, bring a damp cloth and start with the drawers. Insist on the ornaments of the dresser to remove all the dust grains that are in it.

Step number 2: stripping

This is a very delicate step. Here you have to remove the handles from the dresser and sand the furniture manually using sandpaper. By using electric installers, you may damage the collectible. In addition, sandpaper will provide a natural performance to your furniture. Besides, you also need to sand the inside of the drawers.

Step number 3: preparation

This step involves covering areas you are not yet going to treat with masking tape. Indeed, you can dye your dresser with two different colors. We recommend using neutral colours such as brown, beige, grey or white.

Step 4: Applying the paint

Using a brush, start by applying the first coat of paint. To do this, use paints specially designed for wood. After each procedure, allow the paint to dry properly for 4 hours.

After that, remove the dust grains with a damp sponge and let it dry. After a while, you can apply the second coat of paint and let it dry for 2 days or more.

Step 5: Handle processing

Here, the goal is to clean the wrists thoroughly. To do this, use a small piece of sandpaper. Carefully assrate until brushed.

Where to buy a Louis XV dresser?

If you like DIY, we advise you to buy a Louis XVI dresser painted or repainted, the straight shapes are easier to restore. These are available from auction rooms as well as classifieds. With a little luck, you can buy an authentic piece of furniture that dates back to 1700.

Auctions in auction rooms

This type of establishment is known for the sale of antique furniture. According to some decorators, they sell good quality furniture. With the right treatment, you'll be able to refurbish it. In addition, it will be an opportunity to experience a unique experience.

The classifieds

Did you know that some shops sell its items through classifieds? According to them, this is a rather special way of attracting the attention of future buyers. Aside from that, some people also sell his furniture through classifieds. This will be an opportunity to do good business.