In order to go back a few centuries through interior decoration, more and more homes are reintegrating furniture from old styles into their homes. In fact, there are currently several skilled craftsmen who rework the classic models. Currently, it is the empire armchairs that regain control in the stylish interiors.

The executive days

The Executive Board is a French political regime of the directorial kind that was established during the first republic, notably from October 26, 1795 to November 9, 1799. The Directoire style is therefore a decoration and a very fashionable style of furnishing from 1785 to 1803. At that time all stylish interiors were equipped with armchairs, chairs and other trendy equipment from the 19th century.

The executive style chairs

The government of the Executive Board lasted only a few years. However, the Executive style lasted for several years. Currently, this style is resurfacing and there are office chairs, mahogany and other furniture dating back to the 19th century on dedicated shops. So, if you want to adopt this style again, you won't have any trouble finding an empire chair with a beautiful design and a unique shape. That said, nothing prevents you from redecorating your home by incorporating a beautiful Empire furniture.

fauteuil directoire ancien

The shepherdess board

A desire to decorate your home like no one has ever done? What if you let yourself succumb to the charm of old furniture, an Empire-style armchair and chair? Indeed, the largest catalogue of antique shepherdesses with a unique form is for sale by professional antique dealers. Whether it's an Empire-style swan-neck gondola chair or a completely different design, you'll find the style that goes hand in hand with decorating your home. However, a shepherdess's board is ideally placed in a classic decoration next to an empire armchair and other very beautiful antique furniture.

Napoleon chair

An Empire armchair dating from the last century is a symbol of nobility and class. Indeed, incorporating a Napoleon-style wooden armchair with a swan collar in your office or living room can give priceless value to your interior. In fact, it is now possible to customize your Napoleon Empire-style chair by lining it with another coating or by changing the hue of the wood. The same goes for empire seats and other furniture.

The Empire chair often has these features:

  1. A mahogany structure
  2. Swan-necked armrests
  3. Velvet or satin fabrics
  4. Sculptures of swans, dolphins and eagles

Fauteuil Empire

Chair Restoration

Lately, the restoration style is beginning to regain its place in interior decoration. Very marked by the empire, this style is characterized by seats and armchairs with lines that soften with the appearance of curved backs and lacrosse accotoirs. Thus, the back and foot of the armchairs characterize the Restoration chair and the furniture of the empire style. Therefore, if you are a fan of Empire style and antique furniture, be sure to give way to a Restoration chair. Moreover, this type of mahogany empire seat with beautiful accotoirs is the must-have of classic interiors.

Louis XV Chair

How about bringing back the decoration of the time? With a Louis XV seat and armchair dating from the last century, you'll have a decoration unlike any other. Indeed, with its stylish back, fabrics with floral patterns, this type of mahogany chair is perfect to add more value to your cozy cocoon. This is precisely the case if your furniture is all Empire style. The foundations of this period marked a difference from the previous Louis XIV style with baroque armchairs, and the style that followed Louis XVI.

The Louis XV armchair is distinguished by several points:

  • A curved frame of solid wood
  • Two armrests
  • A bent file
  • Shapey feet that end in snails
  • Flower sculptures on the frame

Fauteuil style Louis XV

The Louis XV model has a curved frame while the Louis XVI style that followed it has straight shapes. With thin, tapered and fluted feet this style is in opposition.

The consulate chair

In your desire to adopt the decoration of the time again, especially the one that dates from the 19th century, you will not be able to ignore a type of chair or chair mahogany. Indeed, the type of mahogany chair and the consulate chair mark the empire style. With a well-designed back, this 19th century mahogany chair is perfect for office furniture. However, if the simple chair doesn't appeal to you, you can bet on a wooden chair with a unique style.

A steering chair

Do you want to replace the furniture in your home with beautiful seats dating back to the last century? Don't forget to place a steering chair in the corner with an accotoir, back rest and design foot. Perfect for dressing your desk, this 19th century piece of furniture is very comfortable, but also design with its swan-necked shape

The furniture of the executive era is rare because it was short, the antiques that you can buy from antique shops usually have quite high prices. Buying a reproduction can be a good solution, especially since many decoration stores offer quick delivery, with possible restorations on request.