Louis XVI style furnishings begin with the reign of Louis XVI around 1774 to end around 1785.

Louis XVI sofas have a more straight and geometric line than the previous Louis XV style. The sofas have narrower dimensions, the feet are thin and fluted. They usually accompany pairs of Louis XVI Bergères armchairs. Some sofas have like the armchairs a Medallion backrest.

For the Interior of your home the Louis XVI sofa combines with a modern and old décor. The fabrics that cover these antiques are the most silky, their design well ahead of the time embroidered with satin yarns, gives them a shine effect.

Where to buy a Louis XVI sofa?

You can find an antique couch in an antiquary, the price will depend essentially on the State. It is possible to buy a sofa for cheap, but usually the restoration costs more than the purchase price.
The sofas in perfect condition are very rare because a seat that has been used for more than two hundred years is either very worn or has previously been repaired.

How to differentiate a Louis 16 sofa from a Louis 15 model?

It is easy to distinguish between these two styles, one has curved shapes and the other has a straight shape and lines. Indeed the Louis 15 model has Louis XV style feet. While the feet of Louis XVI sofas are straight and tapered, often splines distinguishes it.

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