The baroque chair, one of the emblematic pieces of the sixteenth century under the reign of Louis XVI, is an essential furniture in a design and classic decoration. It may have changed over time, but still retains its qualities of yesteryear, including its graceful finishes and a unique refined side. Today, available in several models, it can easily find its place in any living room, and even in all the rooms of the house. All at a very reasonable price.

A baroque chair with a medallion backrest

The baroque chair with a medallion backrest, also nicknamed Louis XVI chair is one of the timeless luxury furniture even if now they are much more simplistic with less ornament. However, it still keeps the rounded shape that makes it elegant. This medallion chair comes in several colors: white, black, silver, taupe, brown, and many others. It is easily distinguished by its imposing and solid style made of finely worked wood by hand.

Its rounded backrest and the seat are on the other hand made of velvet, imitation leather or leather to bring optimal comfort to the one who will take place there. To give it a touch of modernity, some designers have added plexi or leatherette for its finish. Ideal in retro-style living rooms, it will give you a posture that inspires confidence and pride.

Several styles are on the market at the best value for money among a wide choice and can make the task a little more complicated when making your choice. Among these styles, you will find the blue Louis XVI medallion style chair, Sofia velvet in several colors for the dining room, the baroque chair in silver wood and many others that can surely bring the perfect touch that is missing from your interior.

The baroque chair with armrest: a classic armchair

Chaise baroque avec accoudoirs

The baroque chair with armrest is the luxury armchair par excellence, it can give anyone sitting on it a majestic and imposing side. Equipped with a solid wood frame in beech for example hand-carved, most often lacquered, but also silver or gold color, it can adapt to any style to decorate a living room. Its shapes combined with its seat padded with foam and upholstered by luxurious fabrics such as velvet perfectly reflect the image of the seventeenth-century aristocracy who advocated opulence and luxury.

Baroque style armchairs are usually used to give a royal and sovereign look to a room. In addition, the baroque chair with armrest and baroque art have the advantage of being able to be adapted to any type of decoration, whether modern or contemporary. You have the choice between a baroque Louis XV rococo armchair, white and silver, black and silver, red in gilded wood, and many others. You can also opt for a baroque Louis XVI armchair in wood, not to mention the classic models in black velvet, royal black with flowers, royal blue, white and gold and many other models just as chic and noble as the others. It can very well be the central room in a living room.

Upholstered upholstery for comfort

Of course, a luxury baroque chair must be comfortable to make you want to sit on it. For this purpose, the architects of the sixteenth century who invented the baroque chair trimmed the seat with foam and upholstered with various fabrics all luxurious and elegant ranging from velvet to satin through leather. Handmade to obtain an exceptional quality of finish, the upholstery of a baroque chair is carried out by workers specialized in the field. Today, the different designers of the baroque chair have brought other techniques in order to bring even more comfort to the seat of their item.

These new techniques also aim to bring a more varied visual rendering than at the time when upholstery is done mainly in velvet or simple leather. Indeed, its seat made of hand-carved wood is increasingly covered by fabrics such as imitation leather, satin among others to give it a more modern image, but keeping the same spirit of nobility that made its success. When it comes to cleaning or maintaining a baroque chair, it remains simple. You just need to wipe the wooden part with a mixture of soapy water and a little white vinegar to restore shine. Cleaning the fabric requires knowing its nature, but as a general rule, you can also use soapy water, white vinegar or baking soda to try to remove a stain.

The upholstered baroque medallion chair with or without armrest remains and will remain one of the most emblematic pieces of furniture in terms of interior decoration. This is the reason why it is favored by decorators nowadays thanks to the various qualities it presents. It is not uncommon for one of these furniture to be presented in most decoration catalogs, online or in specialized magazines. If you want to try a new decoration in your living room, do not hesitate to opt for this piece of furniture, because it is likely to surprise and amaze you.