At the moment, the vintage style is making a big comeback. It is true that when it comes to decoration, we are constantly rediscovering or redesigning the furniture that has been a huge success in the past. This is the case of the red aviator armchair whose comfort and quality has passed through the decades.

Origin of the aviator armchair

In fact, the origin of the aviator armachair dates back to the end of the Second World War.

At the time, resources were woefully lacking and the world of interior furnishing also suffered. This prompts the designers to imagine an armchair combining leather and the cabins of war planes. Not only does this allow the use of a material that has not been used in any living room furniture, but the design also refers to the famous drivers' seats.

This style with armrest covered with aluminum was immediately a great success. And even today, anyone looking to create a designer interior at home does not hesitate to opt for red aviator chairs or some other color. Besides, the black and brown aviator club armchair is very sided today. Indeed, it has great value in the eyes of lovers of vintage decoration.

Shape of the armchair

It is very easy to recognize a red aviator armchair. Indeed, it has a very particular design with its cocoon shape. Its special character emphasizes robustness and virility, without neglecting elegance.

The presence of riveted aluminum metal plates sometimes studded on the outside of the structure perfectly illustrates this impression of virility and reference to aviation. We are talking about the P51 Mustang of the American Air Force, the mythical Hurricane of the British Royal Air Force, or the Zero of the Imperial Japanese Army. It usually features a leather coating in either red or brown colours that highlights the vintage style of the furniture.

Collectible but comfortable piece

It is wrong to believe that the red aviator armchair is just meant to add a vintage touch to your décor. It is true that it is a true masterpiece in terms of design and style.

Its airy appearance, its particular shapes and curves help to energize your living room and perfect the atmosphere. In addition, it offers a very comfortable seat, especially since you can feel like a cocoon inside the vintage armchair.

A very airy foam provides an excellent hold when you sit on it. In addition, the back enjoys optimal support thanks to the often convex shape of the back.

Noble materials for an exceptional piece

Over the years, the value of the red aviator armchair continues to grow. It is true that it is the object of all covetousness on the part of many collectors and interior design enthusiasts.

Most of the time, the structure of the armchair is made of solid wood. These include pine, rubber or beech. To improve the structure's robustness, some manufacturers opt for walnut, which they combine with aluminum or a riveted iron plate.

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