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Louis XV curved chest of drawers



Louis XV chest of drawers inlaid with a bouquet of flowers decoration, sn dessus is a beautifully veined green marble.

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Louis XV curved chest of drawers

Louis XV curved chest of drawers

Louis XV chest of drawers inlaid with a bouquet of flowers decoration, sn dessus is a beautifully veined green marble.

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Louis XV chest of drawers with rosewood and amaranth marquetry decorated with flowers, on a beech wood frame.

Varnish applied to the tampon in the traditional way.

Curved sides and façade - Ornamentation of chiseled bronzes.

Marble top - 3 drawers 

Length: 90 cm - Height: 84 cm - Depth: 46 cm.

The Louis XV style of French furniture

The Louis XV style is a style of architecture and decorative arts that appeared during the reign of Louis XV. The style was an extension of the Louis XIV style and it is very popular today. The time was the beginning of the modern era and it has a rich history. Read on to learn more about this style. Here are some of its key features. These are the best things to remember about this style.

In the era of Louis XV, designers are interior woodwork with sumptuous orientation. Even the most modest pieces of furniture were often decorated with gilded bronzes, bronze and carved metal. In the end, however, the emphasis was on simplicity and symmetry. In the middle of the eighteenth century, exoticism was in full swing. It started with copying imports from the Far East and progressed with fantastic pieces, such as birds and pagodas.

The Louis XV style was famous for its excellence in marquetry and the diversity of its inventions. It was also known as the ROCAILLE style and the Rococo style. This was probably the most elegant period of French furniture making. Designed to resemble the style of furniture found in the French countryside, Louis XV furniture from this period is elegant and luxurious. In addition, these items have plenty of storage spaces so you can store your precious items.

The "rocaille" style was a favorite of the upper bourgeois and the noble class. It is very remarkable for its delicate curves and original finishes. Its pronounced details make it a unique style. Many pieces of furniture made in this style are still in excellent condition today.

height:84 cm
length:90 cm
Depth:46 cm
Structure:Beech wood
MarquetryRosewood - Amaranth
Type of varnishVernis applied by hand to the stamp.
Manufacturing countries:Egypt
Ornamentation:Golden bronzes
PlateauGreen Marble
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Bel effet
Joli petit meuble, fait son effet. Livré rapidement sur rendez-vous. Belle finition avec plateau de marbre. Dommage que les tiroirs soient moins logeables que je n’espérais.
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Louis XV chest of drawers inlaid with a bouquet of flowers decoration, sn dessus is a beautifully veined green marble.
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