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Wood Console golden baroque style

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Console in baroque style is made of solid beech wood gilded with fine carvings, a top marble and surmounted by a mirror.

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Built on a frame of solid wood, and precious, especially here by the beech golden design, embellished with fine carvings, hand-carved, the console, baroque style gilded wood symbolizes the opulence and luxury since the Seventeenth century.

It has a mirror, feet with a spacer and a marble to drop off some business. The assemblies and the finishing touches are made in the traditional manner by tenons and mortises.

Height: 200 cm Length: 100 cm - Depth: 43 cm.

A piece of furniture baroque design and trend

With a timeless beauty and elegance, this sumptuous console baroque gilded wood is a furniture, ideal to decorate the interior of your home. It could be set up in any room of the house. It is an excellent compromise between a table and a storage cabinet in the rococo style, it is as practical as decorative.

The furniture in the baroque, which appeared at a certain time, particularly in the Seventeenth century in the opulences of the Renaissance, has a structure mainly made with solid wood, including beech wood, stained golden brown. It is embellished with baroque sculptures finely crafted by hand following the techniques very craft with various designs incorporating style.

In fact, the fashion for rococo was inspired by all the artists of the time, and has embraced different fields such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and even furniture. In the latter case, the style is distinguished by voluptuous curves and reasons well detailed dedicated especially to transform every piece of furniture in a room decoration is very luxurious. This mode still has the advantage of being elegant and timeless to be very appreciated by many audiences. It has become very trendy to make a room worthy of a castle or a palace.

Console in baroque style provides the ability to use small chest of drawers allows you to store your business, but also a table to receive your small items or elements of decoration (furniture, photo frame, etc.). Thanks to its authenticity and its originality, it will adapt perfectly to different styles of interiors, from the most classical to the most modern, passing by the old styles.

As for the assembly of the structures, they are made in the traditional manner by tenons and mortises to be both more robust and more aesthetically pleasing.

A console ancient to the details of specific

The furnishings barroco is part of styles of furniture pieces of art that have undergone a lot of evolution, and who have experienced numerous variants over time. They are characterized by their practicality and opulence, which allows them to embellish your interior in a way top of the range. The concept appeared for the first time in Italy, mainly in Venice and Rome before spreading across Europe.

These types of furniture are highly recognized for its decoration of the rococo and carved forming generally patterns of moldings, rocks or foliage. They have feet and legs curved, a detail inspired by the Louis XV style. It is surmounted by a marble, a detail very luxurious. This console model features a mirror in beech golden, representing the baroque style, very ostentatious with the gilding and carving on wood. The frames are gilded with aluminum foil color gold, hand-applied brush the silk as on the old piece of furniture, which offer particularly its beautiful appearance authentic.

As an antique reproduction, this console baroque gilded wood has a top marble and surmounted by a mirror. It can be installed in your room, leaning against the wall, to serve you with a dressing table and storing your jewelry, some beauty products, or even your phone. But at the entrance, she does not lose either its timeless beauty to receive your keys and other small accessories that you need at your fingertips. This piece of furniture the baroque is also elegant in the living room to accommodate a table lamp, art deco, or a vase.

In addition, this furniture is quite a small size, it occupies little space, but also it offers you the opportunity to fill out the clever way the empty spaces.

Apart from the elegance and timeless beauty, this console barroco has an excellent strength, since his feet linked by a spacer, which makes it well suited to intensive use.

So, if you want to bring a touch of not too bulky for the style of the renaissance to your home, you can opt for this console baroque golden.

Prefer also another furniture of the same style and the same shade to complement your decor.


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