Who are we ?

The company Toufau is a SARL in French-founded in 2004 and specialized in the reproduction of antiquities. Passionate about the art furniture and bronze sculpture, we select from almost 10 years of the best reproduction workshops throughout the world. Our main criterion of selection is the quality of our furniture style :

  • quality of the materials used and techniques employed,
  • quality of finishes for the perfect look.

By purchasing your furniture from us, you are choosing a piece of furniture durable, comfortable, and simply beautiful.

Our second criterion of choice, this is the price of our furniture. We would like to stay in a price range accessible to the greatest number. And in order to favour the best quality/price ratio, the furniture that we sell on our site are manufactured in China and Egypt.

Finally, we are convinced of the importance of an ecological approach and we require our suppliers, whenever possible, use wood from sustainably managed forests. The man is at the centre of our concern, and we select suppliers fair to their employees and respectful of the rights of the work.

The products that we have selected are then imported directly in France, where we store it in our warehouses. These warehouses are open to visitors and you can even pick your orders from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 17h, Monday to Friday.

You can also find us on Ebay, where we have a virtual store since 2008. We are recognized as seller of trust, with more than 99 % of positive assessments, which corresponds to more than 1000 evaluations received from customers 100 % satisfied with our products and services.

Because this has allowed our company to gain a foothold on the Internet, it is our quality customer service. Since always, we value the relationship of trust with our clients, and we put all our energy to advise and satisfy our customers. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question, 0962526554 (price of a local call) or by mail.

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