Rococo furniture, for a classic or contemporary interior.

the Baroque style made its appearance in Italy at the end of the sixteenth century. He quickly touched all the artistic fields such as sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, theatre, music and of course, furniture. It is characterised by an exaggeration of movement, an overload of decoration, a certain tension, exuberance and games of contrasts. It has spread throughout Europe mainly through the establishment of the Catholic Church.

The style baroque amazes and draws attention by strange forms, beautiful materials and contrasts. It helps to create a chic atmosphere using noble materials. Regarding the furniture, there are stylized curves, highly worked and detailed finishes with many volutes. the Baroque armchair like the Baroque sofa or the Baroque table amaze by their shapes but also often by their colors. The taste of movement is dominant with irregular forms, imposing masses, oppositions and a search for the effect of surprise. The lines are turbulent.

The Baroque armchairs just like the Baroque sofas, chairs, tables, Ottoman or Baroque meridians Are Black, white, gold or silver. They are crafted, upholstered and carved on old-fashioned solid wood structures to offer you furniture of great beauty and excellent quality.


Respect for traditions with Rococo furniture

All our furniture is new but entirely made in the old fashioned, in Egypt, by master cabinetmakers. Whether it is a Baroque armchair, a Baroque Chair or a Baroque sofa, the wood used is always of high quality, the materials are natural and the know-how very large.

the Baroque Ottoman is classic or design and can display amazing colors. the Baroque sofa, assembled and hand-carved like the Baroque Chair, contains no screws but only ankles, studs and moraises.

there Baroque table as the Baroque poufs or the Baroque meridians are made with solid beech before being carved at the gouge. each Baroque sofa, each Baroque Chair or armchair can then be Gold, silver or patinated.

For the Baroque armchair as for the Baroque Chairthere Baroque meridienne or the Baroque sofa, the seats and files are padded exclusively using natural materials. It can be horsehair, straw, feather or cotton. This traditional padding made in the rules of the art is fixed by springs and straps.

there Baroque Chair and the Baroque armchair are entirely old fashioned from solid beech wood and then sculpted by hand by cabinetmakers with great know-how. All sculptures are made using a wood chisel. The column turning torso, baluster or Rosary is used both for the feet of Baroque tables for those of the armchairs, meridians, chairs or Baroque sofas.

The fabrics adoring the Baroque armchairthere Baroque Chairthere Meridian or the Baroque sofa but also the Baroque Ottoman are of high quality. They can be United or embroidered, satined, velvet or imitation leather. In any case, these fabrics are fastened using upholsterer nails or fabric stripes. Contrasts are present in color schemes with, for example, a Baroque Ottoman upholstered in pink velvet or silver imitation leather.

Today, in part thanks to these contrasts, the baroque furniture is suitable for both a classic Interior and a very contemporary style, discover our selection for your dining room, your bathroom or the bedroom with a nightstand, or a headboard. Whether it's a bedside table or a Baroque stool you're looking for, our store will give a touch of elegance to your décor. For small or larger parts, seats with different shapes and sizes will have to adapt, the dimensions of the furniture and indicated in this form l x h.

Our furniture store offers you to buy baroque furniture cheap but high quality, check out our catalogue.

Some examples in photos of baroque furniture:

Chaise baroque noireFauteuil baroque noirMéridienne baroque rose

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