Art Deco furniture made with respect for tradition

The furniture put on sale on Htdeco is inspired by antiques from the years 1910 to 1930. They are made with noble woods, according to traditional methods.

The art deco style: an international movement born in France

Although the termArt Deco appeared only in the years 1960, it undeniably refers to the international exposition of modern decorative and industrial arts held in Paris in 1925. The current was born in the years 1910 in reaction against theArt Nouveau whose forms are judged too soft. It is then to turn to simple lines to classical compositions and where the décor is used parcimoniously. The full development of art deco takes place during the years 1920 and it is the first style to have a truly global diffusion. All forms of Visual Arts are concerned.

In the furniture, the geometry is used for decorative purposes and, if the shapes remain classical, Cubism pushes to their simplification. The volumes become parallelepipedic with sharp or rounded corners, cut panels. The furniture is often mounted on the base and the mouldings are very rare. The lines are resolutely purified but the decoration remains neat and even luxurious. The surfaces are treated with gilding, lacquer or marquetry with inlay of nets, ivory inserts, mother-of-Pearl or metal. Some woods are coloured and the Maple becomes blue, red, green or grey.

Art Deco furniture: order, geometry and color 

All our Art Deco furniture are made in the purest tradition. We appeal to the best art companies in the world to make you benefit from their great experience. All furniture, whether Art Deco Officedice Chairsdice Tables or Art Deco libraries are assembled in the old fashioned way. They are made in Egypt by cabinetmakers with a great deal of know-how.

The products chosen are of the highest quality. The wood or the marquetry elements are selected with the utmost care which allows you to possess Art Deco furniture great beauty and resistance. 
If all our art deco furniture is new, they are made in a traditional way. For the structure, only solid Woods are used whether it is oak, beech wood or Swedish pine. The frames are most often in Oaks while the mouldings or veneed structures are mahogany, rosewood, amaranth, lemon tree... Natural veneers are imported directly from Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Africa or Asia. Rosewood, walnut, Elm, Birch or maple, but also Wenge or mahogany are used. The Art Deco furniture often exhibit contrasts between light and dark woods, between different materials and colors.

The woods are selected with great care before being put to dried. The shaping is done by hand, as is the Assembly and decoration. The work is entirely carried out by qualified cabinetmakers who use woodworking methods from the beginning of the century. The varnishing is systematically carried out at the stamp. 
The Art Deco chairs and the Art deco armchairs are often inspired by the forms of the management board or the restoration with a great concern for comfort using deep forms. Wood is generally poorly visible and coated with leather or textile. The cosy-corner is a creation of the time. This corner couch recessed in a woodwork with shelves has been a rage. The Art Deco consoles and the Art Deco offices usually have curved or even ventrated façades while the art deco table is rather round, oval or rectangular but with broken corners. 

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Some pictures of our Art Deco and style furniture:

Paire de chevets art décoCommode art déco, meublesConsole art déco en palissandre

Bureau Louis XV style bouleCommode Louis XV avec un marbreFauteuil Louis XV en bois massif

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