How are made the Tiffany lamps?

The manufacture of a Tiffany lamprequires several hours of assembly, which is why productions have relocated to emerging countries, particularly in China. A lampe Tiffanymanufactured in Europe should be sold several thousand euros.

To offer youTiffany wall lights,Tiffany chandeliers,Tiffany floor lampsandTiffany lampsat reasonable prices, we chose to work with a factory of Tiffany lightingable to offer articles made according to the methods of Louis Comfort Tiffany, complying with CE and Rohs standards (lead-free and mercury-free guarantee) in order to produce items that respect environmental standards and respect the rights of employees./ P>

The companyLouis Comfort Tiffanyproposed in 1902 more than 300 lamp models, a mass production mode was installed, in order to produce in large quantity our our partner in China applies the same manufacturing methods. The stained glass windows are made manually, the factory employs employees specially trained in the manufacture and assembly of hand-made glasses according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

No.We follow and demand a perfect manufacturing finish. The most elaborate stained glass require hundreds of hours of work, thempe Tiffanyconsists of several hundred pieces of stained glass, the pieces are crimped by a copper ribbon assembled and then soldered with tin.

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Biography of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his Tiffany lamps

The steps of the realization of a lamp Tiffany:

Verres utilisés pour une lampe Tiffany.

TheTiffany lightinguse hand-made glasses, combed, brushed, hammered, cabochons ect ...

Vue de l'atelier de l'assemblage des lampes Tiffany.

The steps are done manually, that's why dozens of employees are needed for the manufacturercation of a Tiffany lamp model.

Plaque de verre bleue

Glass plate martelé and pleated blue, ready for cutting.

Employé à la découpe du verre.

Cutting glasses stained glass. Shaping the glass by manual cutting.

Polissage du vitrail utilisé pour les luminaires Tiffany.

Polishing the glass, each piece of glass and polished manually to the wheel./ P>

Etape du sertissage du verre.

Crimping the stained glass that will form theTiffany lamp,each piece is set with a copper ribbon./ P>

Assemblage du vitrail du chapeau d'une lampe Tiffany.

Assembly of the various pieces of stained glass of the Tiffany lamp.

Soudure à l'étain du vitrail.

Weldingtin, l at the most delicate part of the assembly of the Tiffany lamp

.Vérification de la lampe Tiffany.

Verification of the assembly, the finish, then the electrical system the lamp is tested, to meet the standards in force.

Lampe Tiffany libellules finie.

Tiffany lamp on display.

Emaballage des luminaires Tiffany

The luminaires are packed in custom boxes, ready to be loaded into our containers.

Chargement des lampes Tiffany

Preparation and packaging in custom boxes and shockproof for loading in our containers./ P>