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Two-door Louis XV Buffet

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This Louis XV buffet opens with two doors and a drawer has fine decorations of flowers and gilded bronzes as well as a marble tray.

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Two-door Louis XV Buffet

Two-door Louis XV Buffet

This Louis XV buffet opens with two doors and a drawer has fine decorations of flowers and gilded bronzes as well as a marble tray.

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Made with a beech frame, with a rosewood and sipo (African wood) marquetry, for a chic and practical look, this Louis XV buffet offers real storage space while decorating the interior.

The structures are traditionally assembled by studs and mortaises.

Length: 126 cm - Height: 101 cm - Depth: 53 cm.

An antique-style piece of furniture

The buffets are essential for the organization and storage of certain things, such as dishes or bahuts, and are models of low furniture, which can accommodate linens, crockery, cutlery or other objects. As utilitarian as it is decorative, the Louis XV buffet presents all the essential features of the collection of style furniture of a certain era, created at that time by renowned cabinetmakers such as Pierre Migeon II (1701-1758) or Jean-Henri Riesener (1734-1806), Marie Antoinette's favourite cabinetmaker.

Indeed, widespread mainly in the second quarter of the 18th century, especially from 1723 to 1750, this type of antique furniture is a must in terms of refinement. Until now, it has maintained its reputation of yesteryear in terms of practicality and opulence, which allows it to sublimate your interior in the most upscale way. Adopting the codes of the Louis XV style, they are characterized by curved feet, wooden structures and a unique craftsmanship. These details are inspired by the style that appeared during the long reign of the "Beloved" King.

Exceptional details for a louis xv piece of furniture

This antique-style storage cabinet is made of beech, synonymous with robustness, entirely hand-carved, and topped with a real beige marble tray. It opens with two doors with a lock and an upper central drawer, decorated with a fine decoration of flowers and foliage. As ornamentation, gilded bronzes are found on some parts of the structure. Marquetry decorations are executed with the rosewood, recognized by its high resistance, and the sipo, a very large tree from the dense African forest, widely used in cabinet making. Both are precious and exotic woods. Marquetry, in fact, is a decorative art consisting of assembling woods and various other materials to compose figurative, geometric or abstract images based on a drawing. The whole thing is to stick on the support, which is none other than the furniture. For a flawless finish, all the structures of the Louis XV buffet are hand-varnished. For this model of the flea market, the marquetry is decorated with a fine decoration of flowers and amaranth foliage.

Not very high in size, this credence takes up little space but it will be able to fill the empty spaces ingeniously. This old buffet is perfect for providing a not-too-uncomfortable touch of renaissance style to your home. Apart from its aesthetics, its solidity adapts well to intensive use. In addition, its storage spaces are very generous to accommodate as many business as possible.

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This Louis XV buffet  opens with two doors and a drawer has fine decorations of flowers and gilded bronzes as well as a marble tray.
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