Bronze statue of Poseidon - Sculptures on Mythology - Expand

Bronze statue of Poseidon - Mythology

HTdeco - Statuette - Sculpture 100 % bronze HTdeco - Statuette - Sculpture 100 % bronze



Height: 46 cm

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Bronze statue of Poseidon - Mythology

Bronze statue of Poseidon - Mythology

Height: 46 cm

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Statue of Neptune, in Latin Neptunus is in Roman mythology, the god of the seas and oceans, as well as the aquatic kingdom.

Neptune is identified with the Greek god Poseidon and the Etruscan god Nethuns. Its attribute is the trident and for favorite animals the horse and the dolphin.

Bronze sculpture made with lost wax, real marble base

Height: 46 cm (without the trident) - Width: 17 cm - Depth: 14 cm

Weight: 1.5 kgs

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