Sculptures are works that are the result of vigorous work and require specific techniques to achieve the necessary quality. Several materials are involved in the sculptures: copper, metal, wax or bronze. These ancient or modern objects are creations that can reach a very high price. They can also reach different sizes and shapes: large statues or small works of art.

Who are the greatest French sculptors?

A sculptor must create a unique work. Whether it is Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel or Edgar Degas, everyone has given himself the duty to make sculpture an art recognized at its true value. Today many 19th-century statues are on display in museums. The estimation of these sculptures by ancient and contemporary artists depends on the time of the work but also on the fame of the sculptor. Even if you have the right to auction the works at a purchase, the price is generally uniform according to these criteria.

The rise of this art came in the 19th century with Rodin. These sculptures could represent animals: bulls, horse, lion or bear. But sculpture has also allowed artists to show men from a different perspective. It is also important to look at the aesthetics of your work and be sure that it can be sold if one day you no longer like it. Take precautions at the time of purchase and get advice from the best.

Famous statues

The most famous statues are Michelangelo's "David," the Sphinx of Giza, "Rodin's Thinker" and Milo's Venus. One can also think of the Statue of Liberty or Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

Although some of these works have been reproduced several times as the Statue of Liberty, which has at least five reproductions in Paris, others are unique. From the 19th century to the contemporary era, many sculptors had their statues displayed in public spaces such as Niki de St Phalle with the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris. A desire to have his art represented to as many people as possible.

Signatures and number of prints

The signatures are the mark of the artist, a bronze proof for it to be of value must have a signature. The number of prints may be essential for the work of a renowned artist, the closer the print will be to 1, it will be of value.

While some are numbered, such as works by Rodin or Degas, 18th-century artists such as Rosa Bonheur or Antoine Louis Barye rarely did so, which gives these numbered pieces even more valuable. After the formation of the original bronze, there is signature of the artist. He can then reproduce his works with, for example, the technique of lost wax. He can also do artist proofs, numbered EA. The sculptures are original works that have different shapes. This can be animal bronze. For example, in the plant garden, many bronze sculptures are present. These are collectibles that it would be a shame to miss. For example Dali made the sculpture the Minotaur in 8 copies, melted by Valsuani.

The signature is an integral part of the statue, it is made in the same way as the wax or wooden model. While the numbering is sometimes affixed to a plaque, engraved in marble or is followed by a document.

Wax is essential for reproducing a work. It allows from earth and clay to mold them to be able to reproduce them. The hot wax is poured into the mold and becomes solid. By making it flow, it allows the work to be fixed in a specific form thanks to the imprint that surrounds it.

The sculptures are original works that have different shapes. This can be animal bronze. For example, in the plant garden, many animal sculptures are present. These are collectibles that it would be a shame to miss.

Signature barye

The stamp of the founders

As the signature, the stamp of the founder is important, it designates in which foundry the statue was made, this is especially important when we know that some foundry have continued to produce sculptures beyond the normally limited pieces.

The Barbedienne foundry is one of the best known, making pieces following the instructions of the artist or the model to follow. Louis-Claude-Ferdinand Soyer is a 19th century founder known for making the july column marquee in a single jet for casting. Another well-known founder is Balthazar Keller who made the statue of Louis XIV, located in Place Vendôme.

Cachet and name of the Barbedian foundry:

Cachet fondeur de bronze Cachet et nom du fondeur

To make a sculpture, a technique is called molding. It is practiced by the smelters. The process is to make a negative imprint of the piece. Liquid wax must then be poured over both parts of the mould. Then close the mold and insert inside the hot wax that pours, will solidify. For terracotta sculptures, it is also possible to mold them using clay.

What is the price of an ancient bronze statue?

The estimate of a bronze statue depends on its value. Depending on whether the object is old or modern, the price is not the same. So make the right choice of your object so that it looks like you and that it will allow to decorate your interior with class. Look at the finishes, the patina, the signature are the key elements to determine the price of a work. There are many pieces that have been reproduced over time, and you can check the provenance of the sculptures. It is also possible for you to call on an expert to accompany you in the acquisition of a work. Our store offers a wide selection of reproductions, all models offered in our store are copies that have fallen into the public domain which means that reproduction is legal. Our bronzes are of high quality, so that confusion is not possible, they do not have signatures and are sold as reproductions.

Whatever the time of the work, its value depends mainly on the signature, the stamp and the numbering. In the bronze sculptures of contemporary art prices soar rapidly with well-known artists, it is important to set a budget that is representative of the value given to it. Indeed, if one day you want to resell your piece, it will be more pleasant to make a capital gain than a loss.

The price also depends on the print of the work. This means that the model is reproduced a number of times. According to the legislation, if the print is less than 8, the work is considered original and is therefore sold more expensive. The price is different depending on the technique used to make the work: modeling (plaster), casting (bronze) or pruning. To buy an old bronze statue, customers have a duty to find out about the quality of the product. Indeed, the price can go far and it is better to be well informed upstream to make a good deal.