Decorate your garden with a beautiful bronze sculpture. Bronze statues are decorative sculptures that have existed since the dawn of time and are still in fashion. The bronze age began in 1683 and reached full maturity in the water floor.

Why choose bronze statues for the garden?

Raised the decoration of your garden with the most beautiful statues. A bronze sculpture is truly sumptuous and durable, it can travel through time without any deterioration. Indeed, the tin and copper alloy that make up the bronze material makes it unalterable. A bronze statue can therefore withstand frost, water and the sun. This material gives a noble effect to the sculpture and naturally patinates over time. So a bronze statue doesn't need specific interviews. If you want to have a unique bronze statue in your garden, call on the sculptors. Many of them work on commission and can make custom-made bronze statues. The most valuable sculptures for the garden are made of bronze and sit on a marble base. But others are made from reconstituted stone and alabaster, and they are cheaper. Sculptors use lost wax and the millennial method to copy sculptures from Greek mythology and create quality pieces.

Large sculptures of Greek-style men and women

Statue of Achilles in the palace of Achilleion Corfu

Greek statues often refer to men and women in white marble. The sculpture of Ancient Greece has a well-detailed face and body. Each Greek statue represents particular aspects depending on the different periods. There are sculptures designed during the archaic period followed by the classical period followed by the Hellenistic period and the Roman period. The statues can be a simple statuette or large statue. According to Greek mythology, women's sculptures are gods named goddess. For example there are statues that represent the goddesses of justice, love or hunting. Here are some famous Greek goddesses:

Artemis goddess of young girls, hunting, animals, wilderness

Themis goddess of justice

The Venus of Milo, goddess Aphrodite

Athena goddess of intelligence, war strategy and skill

Here are some well-known Greek man statues:

Zeus is the king of the deities

Hermes is the guardian of merchants, travelers, herds, thieves and the messenger of the gods

Atlas who is the titan who carries the world on his shoulders

Life-size sculptures of animals and men

Bronze sculpture of Napoleon on his horse Gl de Gaulle park

If you like animals, you can order the statue of your pet or wild animal for your garden. The price of a statue depends on its size, the materials used (resin, bronze, plasticine, etc.). A statue animal can be represented in full or bust, standing or lying, moving or sitting.

At Cairo Museums, British Museum or Louvre Museum you can find various animal bronze sculptures, such as lions, dogs, cats, birds, crocodiles, oxen, leopards, wolves, etc. In Venice, in public spaces, there is the famous Lion of St. Mark, a bronze statue of Luigio Borro and numerous animal sculptures.

In the forecourt of the Musée d'Orsay, Alfred Jacquemart's rhinoceros and a large collection of contemporary sculptures.

Great famous sculptures in cities:

Today, the art of antiques attracts more and more tourists, here are some of the most visited statues in the world:

David, a very famous statue in the gallery of the academy, she represents David before his battle against Goliath

Apollo and Daphne, the abduction of Proserpine is in the Borghese Gallery in Rome

The sphinx of Giza, it represents the head of the pharaoh, this statue is in Cairo in Egypt

The Thinker, a bronze sculpture in a museum in Paris

The Redeemer Christ of Rio de Janeiro, a statue that symbolizes Christianity

- the Moai, giant sculptures on Easter Island

Victory of Samothrace, a Greek statue in the Louvre Museum.

Where to see famous statues in the world?

The representations of famous bronze characters have existed for centuries and continue to be perpetuated with the use of the same lost wax technology. But we can distinguish in each country different influences, in some they are political, express either the freedom or the iron hand of the leaders with monumental statues, we will present them to you the most known.

In the United States, museums open to visitors have a large collection of French statues such as those of Rodin or Antoine Louis Barye. Universities often feature famous people whose university was named as a tribute, such as George Washington's sculpture in George Washington University, a play created by Jean Antoine Houdon.

Sculpture of George Washington in George Washington University by Jean Antoine Houdon

In the United Kingdom, the St Pancras Station on the upper floor of the station, a 9-metre-high statue weighing 20 tons in bronze named "The Meeting Place" by British artist Paul Day evokes the romance of travel. Nearby, the statue of John Betjeman, apparently looking in amazement at the roof of the Barlow, acknowledges the success of the campaign to save the station in the 20th century.

In the countries of the Soviet Union, one can admire pure products of the former communist era, with sumptuous pieces of former dictators like Stalin.

In Spain, discover the sculpture of Christopher Columbus, which is a commemorative column of Barcelona which is the trvail of the architect Gaietà Buigas, bred in 1888 in honor of the famous navigator, recognized in the world.

Many galleries have ancient statuettes, often for sale and are not visible to visitors. Visit public places, parks where you can see garden statues where are presented famous sculptures that are prestigious decorations.

So to see great historical sculptures, travel and visit squares, train stations and public places, they are full of absolutely fabulous works of art, ask for information from locals who will be happy to help you, and Every day you can enjoy an open-air museum.

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