The vases for the garden are probably as important as those for interior decoration. You can find in different store, some are resin, other Medici vases are made of wood.

Vase Medici House in the world

Su Home World offers vases Medici in resin, they are certainly not very expensive. The advantage of the resin is that pots are light, to move in your property, you won't so no harm.

The problem and if you put them outside on a terrace or a balcony, you need lester them, because they risk s "fly in any weather.

You can buy resin at a Medici vase House in the world for very cheap.

Medici garden vases

Jardiland you can buy a Brown cast-iron pot.

the pots you can find are few and often small sizes under 100 cm height. But the advantage is that they are cast iron, color can you appear to be rust, but these are the tint in the mass of the object.

our reproductions Antiquities shop offers basins and vases for the real cast iron garden. The pots are very heavy manufactured in the former, they resemble ancient basins. You can find them by going to our RADIUS Garden here.

Another solution is you go to antique shops or at shows like the great sell-off of Lille where you may be lucky enough to buy a pair of old cauldron Medici to a merchant.