The buffet is a beautiful piece of furniture in rococo style of the Baroque decoration inside. usually it opens by two doors, but sometimes more.

You can install it in a bedroom to store your belongings. The ideal is to have a baroque bed with a headboard to accompany him, with a padded fabric held in place by nails with Rhinestones.

Baroque products are parts of color design. You can see a lot of buffets baroque on pinterest.

They can move in the dining room of a console or near a table with chairs. But also in the living room to complete the furnishings of a large sofa and armchairs. Its décor is often massive carved rock scenery. wood of baroque furniture can be natural or lacquered. A seat that often accompanies this furniture has a black velvet fabric upholstered frame. The models used for events such as weddings are white and silver color wood.

In the bedroom, you can place a baroque dresser. Baroque style dressers are more convenient than the buffet, which with their large volume of storage (drawers) can put away your laundry. Discover you here all of our dressers in the baroque style to the bedroom.