The origin of the baroque style

Inspiring many of today's designers, the Baroque style is an artistic movement that appeared in Italy, first in Rome, then in Mantua, Venice and Florence around the middle of the 16th century before spreading rapidly throughout Europe. He has touched many fields including art, architecture, painting, literature, music and also furniture. But it ended in the middle of the 18th century.

The characteristics of the baroque style

The word "baroque" comes from the Portuguese "barroco" and the Spanish "berrueco", which mean "rare pearl" or "with irregular contours". It is very adopted, between the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, the time of Renaissance and classicism. In real estate, the baroque style is very common. At that time, many artists were inspired by the style to create decorative objects that were both luxurious and ostentatious with multiple irregularities. Moreover, in some areas, it translates into colossal sometimes pompous, overloaded details, exaggerated movement, dramatic effects, tension, exuberant forms, and contrast.

Several buildings in Italy evoke this style, including the church of Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano, built between 1585 and 1603, with its columns and pilasters, the motifs of its central façade, the numerous statues it houses, etc. Moreover, at the time, the baroque palaces were built with an entrance similar to that of the courts, containing very wide stairs and immense reception rooms.

The rococo style at the heart of furnishing

During its five centuries of existence, the success of the Baroque style continues to grow thanks to its rich, abundant and luxurious art. In a short time, the style codes were integrated into all the decoration catalogues, then became an essential stylistic reference. This is what prompted the former aristocrats, sovereigns and European nobles to adopt it to impress their visitors and reveal its triumphant power.

In the world of furniture, many masterpieces of the style have appeared, and continue to inspire even the most modern designers today. Baroque furniture can be recognized from other styles by the richness of their ornamentations: the colours, the materials used,... They are designed especially for large rooms. Despite their imposing size, they remain light thanks to their components. The furniture of this style is perfect to satisfy those who have the taste of originality and exceptional design.

The church of S.Caterina in Bergamo

A model of the beauty of Baroque art, spectacular chandeliers illuminate this church, Tiffany stained glass windows, and ostentatious sculptures represent to wonders this style. Recently renovated, especially its lighting that highlights its decor and frescoes, it is a monument not to be missed.

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