Do you dream of a décor worthy of the greatest castles? A colourful, luxurious and royal atmosphere? Used Tiffany lamps are for you. These glass blinds are made of high quality materials with a bronze-colored patinated metal base and coloured glass.

Browsing the classifieds of websites or specialized newspapers, you will find a wide desk and table lamp to illuminate your home.

Each model is a true work of art with a unique style and design. The assemblage of coloured pieces of glass is handmade using a traditional method by Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American artist known for his "Art Nouveau" style and founder of the famous Tiffany and Co. jewelry store. If authentic lighting is sometimes expensive, you can opt for a used lamp at a lower price.

The features of a Tiffany-style table lamp

Tiffany lamps are light, with a bronze foot and a shade with geometric shapes for art deco models: straight lines, diamonds, triangles...

The stained glass windows are surrounded by a copper sheet, themselves welded to the tin. The real glass is assembled by hand forming an original and very solid stained glass window. This glass corresponds to the American style of the artist and is made according to handcrafted methods.

The stained glass windows are made up of glasses:

  • Striated
  • Hammered
  • opalescents
  • Spotted
  • speckled
  • Wavy
  • Combed
  • Draped
  • cabochons
  • confetti
  • or glass paste

Tiffany lamp dragonfly

Where to buy a used Tiffany lamp?

You can find used models of these lamps on:

  • Ebay
  • Rakuten (formerly Priceminister)

When buying a used lamp, it is necessary to know your intention to purchase. Indeed there is a big difference between the purchase of an original Tiffany lamp and a copy however legal, because these models have fallen into the public domain.

If you are looking for an older model, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the lamp, do not hesitate to ask for a certificate made by an expert, because the price between an old model and a copy is not the same. Beware of sellers offering cheap old lamps, while a lamp from the 1900s can be worth several thousand euros.

The copies offered in our store are of great quality, manufactured according to the technique of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the lampshade glasses are handcrafted and welded with tin.

An authentic Tiffany lamp must be purchased in an auction house or from an art dealer in order to obtain all certificates of authenticity. But if you want to buy a used model, browse the sales sites, or the classifieds, you will inevitably find your happiness.

You will be able to buy a Tiffany lamp on ebay many individuals offer auctions and sales for immediate purchase. You will also find professionals who sell new parts, Htdeco is also present on the platform. Ebay has the advantage of offering paypal payment.

On rakuten, you can buy new and used light fixtures sold by private vendors and decoration stores.

Which lamp model to choose?

The lamps come in several categories: a bedside table lamp to be placed near the bed, a table lamp to be placed on a piece of furniture at the corner of the chair, lamps to hang from the ceiling in order to diffuse light throughout the house, lampposts to adorn the living room... You can find the same ornament on the models of the same series in order to offer a uniform decoration to your room. Lights of varying height and diameter are available, you only have to choose the most suitable for your interior decoration.

Larger lamps emit a greater amount of light because they are high and have more light bulbs, sources of brightness. While for a bedroom, bedside lamps will gently illuminate you, enough but without dazzling you, spreading colorful shadows on your walls. Each model is a true work of art that will provide a warm and luxurious atmosphere.

Sometimes stained glass windows or lamps take animal shapes such as a butterfly or parrot or softer, floral shapes. For example, the beautiful original piece "Flying Lady" which is stored in a Normandy hotel is particularly known for its foot depicting a winged woman.

Tiffany lamps are equipped with conventional E27 screw bulbs, operating at a voltage of 220V. Each lamp is equipped with wire block system and switch.