Tiffany lamps are composed of a metal foot on which a dome rests. It's a Lampshade stained glass, or mosaic.

The stained glass windows of the lamps are very complex, some lamps are composed of several hundred pieces of glass. 

How is a Tiffany Lampshade assembled? 

No machine allows the Assembly of the stained glass, the installation of a Lampshade is made by hand.

The glass comes in the form of a glass plate, the glasses are American style, these are handmade glasses in order to obtain a unique glass. The glasses are coloured, hammered, striated and much more.

The motifs and decorations that make up the glass can only be made manually, the pieces are cut by hand, to be then laid on a kind of mold that has the shape of the Lampshade.

The form having been made, the craftsman will wrap the edge of the glass piece of a copper ribbon. Winding the copper Ribbon will allow the pieces to be welded together. So the dome takes its final shape. The welds are finally limed to be smooth and shiny, usually they are covered with a black protective layer to avoid erosion. The welds are with Tin.