Interior design has become an art in its own right that is of interest to many enthusiasts. Today, even the decorative items that are placed in the pieces are collectibles with stories, origins and even belongings.

Among many others are Tiffany lamps. These are objects whose origins go back to a distant time, but which still have their places of honor in our home. Better yet, they have become trendy again and are increasingly present in our modern interiors.

What is a Tiffany lamp?

A Tiffany lamp consists of a lampshade inspired by Art Nouveau or Art Deco with stained glass patterns assembled from several hundred pieces of glass. It is very typical with its coloured glass that makes up the stained glass window, which is held by lead seals to form the decoration of the lampshade.

Vitrail en verre d'un abat-jour Tiffany

Their history goes back much longer than we thought, as it began around 1848, when an innovative American artist and glassmaker known as Louis Comfort Tiffany decided to develop his art.

However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century, especially in the era of the advent of electricity, that the lamp revealed its most beautiful assets. It was then Thomas Edison who inspired Louis Comfort Tiffany to make unique lamps lit by light bulbs. With its unique style and extreme distinctiveness, the lamp is a true signature of Art Nouveau.

No doubt the artist was inspired by jewels and stained glass windows of churches before inventing interior decoration items. This is quite normal, since it represents organic and naturalistic themes. The fact is that Tiffany lamps represent for the majority of cases foliage, dragonflies, flowers, butterflies, etc.

As for the Tiffany name, you understand that. The lamp is named after its creator Comfort Tiffany. Today, this name refers to all the blinds in coloured stained glass. At present, it is still possible to find authentic Tiffany lamps created in a distant time, but copies are also numerous since the style is reworked. Which means there's something for every budget.

Buy copies of Tiffany lamps at the best price

Some examples of Tiffany lamp prices:

  • Tiffany Butterfly Lamp €39
  • Tiffany Turtle Lamp €32
  • Tiffany Art Deco Lamp €39
  • Green Tiffany lamp 85
  • Large Tiffany lamp with dragonflies 135

You can buy reproductions of Tiffany lamps in flea markets, or online on our HTdeco website. We only offer unsigned reproductions, you are sure to pay the right price.

With its seductive aesthetic appearance, its typical shape and the aura it emanates, the Tiffany lamp is a decorative item that pleases more than two. And if old and authentic models are not accessible to the general public, copies, though. And besides, they are also assembled by hand, Tiffany's home so that the difference is not too detectable at first glances.

Lampe Tiffany avec une sculpture

The price of an authentic Tiffany lamp

If you are looking for an item to accentuate the decoration of your interior and get the desired light source, a copy lamp will do the trick. However, if you are a true collector, you would still have to pay a small fortune to acquire an authentic model. Yes, you read it right, a small fortune, because like most collectibles and antiques, a real Tiffany lamp is expensive.

Count several thousand euros to buy a Original Tiffany lamp. Today, Tiffany no longer produces lamps, so 100-year-old products are more can only be expensive to buy. They're collectibles after all. So, if you are offered an original model for less than 10,000 euros, think twice before validating the purchase. Indeed, there is no shortage of copies in this area, and you are likely to buy a very expensive reproduction if you are not careful when buying.

To recognize a real Tiffany, you have to be a connoisseur, because it is not always easy to find the difference. Anyway, all reproductions have glass stained glass windows, there are no copies with plastic stained glass. Also, the socket of an old lamp is usually ceramic and the foot metal or resin. As for the yarn, they are made of textiles and not plastic.

In any case, most of the models sold today are copies, because the production of fixtures from comfort Tiffany's company ended a hundred years ago. That said, the best way to find this little wonder is on the internet. Be sure to compare the models offered on the canvas to find the right compromise.