To create a warm atmosphere in your living room, opt for clean furniture. A cozy interior requires decentralizing furniture. Indeed, it is important to leave space for the room to be design. A lamppost is the perfect decoration to give style to your home. Don't wait months to equip yourself.

Choosing your lamp is an essential step in the layout of your home. You have to combine elegance and intensity, place your light on the right side and choose the right size. For the selection of the color, it is advisable to agree on the color of the room.

Italian design lamppost

The Italian lamppost has a refined style. It can be placed on one side or in the middle of the room. Thanks to its design shape, it can suit many customers. This model is one of the best among the selection offered on the marketplace. It gives optimal lighting to the living room.

Knowing which side of the room you can place your lamppost on, you can find which lamp is suitable among the whole selection. You can also determine the size and intensity of the fixture and whether there will be a suspension.

Arc lamppost

The selection of the lamppost model is essential to dress a room. The arc lamp model is curved and has its foot that is not in the same place as its lighting. It illuminates just one side of the room, the intensity of its light is focused on a specific point. We need this type of lighting for a sofa or table. It is important to choose your lamp colour so that it fits with the rest of the room.

The arc-design lamppost can bring a lot of elegance to your room. Its size differs according to the customer's desire. It can replace the right lamppost, especially for the dining room; The lighting is therefore optimal because it is suspended. This helps to decentralize the light.

Lamppost design rock bobois

The bob rock design lamp is a light that gives a classy side to a room. This type of lamp offers a unique intensity. It is important to know how to place this selection of lamp in order to beautify your room.

The choice of design lamp arises to be able to give a cozy atmosphere. You can create a line of lit lamps or choose a lamppost on a tripod.

Indoors, Bobois rock streetlights can include several materials such as wood or metal. You have to choose these elements so that they go well together. The length of the bob rock fixtures ranges from 12 cm to 330 cm, the width from 4 cm to 430 cm and the depth of 8 cm to 412 cm.

Ikea design lamppost

Ikea offers many models of streetlights, ranging from a few cm to several meters. Whether they are made of wood or metal, with seniority or modern, there is something for everyone. The brand offers other decorative elements to enhance your home. The Blind-day for example, which is a fabric attached to bulbs. The offal is very aesthetic.

An Ikea lamp creates a cozy atmosphere. It can be on tripod, present original patterns such as a star, a pictogram or lines. It can go with the other elements of the furniture. The Tiffany lamppost is an example of a beautiful lamppost.

Design lamp leroy merlin

Here is a selection of lampposts leroy merlin. They are simple and functional to be able to light a room. But there are also light suspensions that are noted for their elegance. The intensity and size of these lights differ depending on the model. These streetlights allow lighting to be decentralized.

Some leroy merlin lampposts have a foot. Other forms of lamps are lampshades. So choose the version that gives you the most intensity and allows you to go and embellish your living room. The material, made of metal or wood, will have to fit well with its environment.

Industrial design lamppost

Vintage lamppost, the industrial design lamppost has several shapes and can be made of metal or wood. The wooden lamppost is appreciated for its natural appearance, it is often placed in a tripod.

This lamp allows a characteristic yellow light to be diffused. It exudes a unique intensity, which gives the room a retro character. An original version of this model is the Cetona lamppost. Depending on their desire, the customer will have to choose what type of industrial design lamppost to take for his home to be a model of excellence.

Available in several sizes, this lighting is usually placed on the suspended ceiling. It decentralizes light with elegance thanks to the range it has. This fixture can also be above a worktop or table

Today, new technology such as LED lighting will gradually replace fluorescent tube-based lighting systems or iodide bowl in the industrial design lamppost.

Tiffany Lamppost

Tiffany streetlights have the advantage of being available in all styles; art nouveau, art deco, vintage and design. Their offal is made up of several hundred pieces of glass, they are welded to the tin according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The assembly is done by hand, the manufacture of each piece takes several hundred hours.

Outdoor design lamppost

The light you need can be in many shapes. Outdoors, it can form an arc or be placed discreetly on a wall. The selection of outdoor lampposts allows you to make a decision about what you are going to buy from the seller. You can also decide on how much lighting your garden needs.

Choosing an outdoor design lamp is choosing elegance and intensity. From our selection of designer streetlights, choose the one that will suit you by its size or shape. You can place it outdoors preferably next to an aisle.