The lamp is a finishing element that sublimates the decoration of a room. Whether in the living room, in the dining room or in your rest area, the use of this accessory remains essential to bring light.

There are several models and you can choose according to your needs. For 19th century art deco enthusiasts, the Tiffany lamp will be the perfect fixture for your home. Find out in this article how to choose it and order it from an online site.

Vintage 19th-century lamps

The Tiffany lamp, a 19th-century design, features a stained glass lampshade with a lead join. It is a lamp to be installed designed as a real work of art by Louis comfort Tiffany. He is an American glassmaker and artist of the 1930s.

This lamp is now considered one of the most beautiful table lamps used for interior decoration. The Tiffany lamp features LED daylight lighting based on new technology.

For the record, the Tiffany lamp was made by a craftsman with multicolored stained glass windows. The lighting of the lamp and the lampshade it is equipped with sublimate the glass that composes it. The base is also sculpted and worked with great care so that it takes the form of an element of nature.

Tiffany lamps with branches, trees and bird-shaped pedestals can be found. These different forms were used by the ancients to convey a message using the natural elements.

Different models of fixtures

The fixtures are available in several models. It is therefore advisable to make the choice based on the use you are going to make of it. The most commonly used models are table lamps, streetlights, appliques and chandeliers.

Table lamps

As the name suggests, it is a lamp that can be placed on a table to illuminate it. It offers punctual and subdued lighting.

For a successful decoration, you must opt for a model that is both aesthetic and functional. Today's table lamps adapt very quickly to new materials and have a variety of lighting.

To choose a table lamp, it is therefore advisable to take into account its lighting, shape, style and color. All these criteria must be chosen according to your decoration and the atmosphere that prevails in your interior. It is advising to choose a table lamp that fits perfectly with your decoration.

lampe vintage verte

The streetlights

Streetlights are standing lamps that have a certain height. There are many kinds and different forms. The best known are lampposts with lampshades and halogen lampposts.

The lamppost is capable of bringing ambient light or general light to your interior. Very often, it is used at the center point of the room. So you can choose it according to the room to be illuminated and the colors of your decoration.

The appliques

The appliques are lamps that are usually used against the wall to give light to the outline of the room. This is ambient lighting that can be used to bring out the elegance of the walls of your room. The choice of this fixture is based on your lighting needs and the amount needed to cover all the walls of the room.

If you already have an LED lamppost in the middle of the room, the applique can be used with low power while adding a special touch of aesthetics to your interior. On the other hand, when there is no general lighting in the room, the applicator plays an important role in terms of the amount of light needed for the entire room. In this case, direct light should be preferred for more optimized indoor lighting.

The chandeliers

Chandeliers are fixtures that are usually suspended from the ceiling and are designed mostly with a chain. It is very little used in today's buildings because of the height of the roofs.

When buying a chandelier, it is advisable to take into account the height of your ceiling and make sure that the chandelier will not be below 1m 80. This type of fixture is usually intended for the dining room and installed above the table.

Lustre vintage style baroque

How do I order a Tiffany lamp?

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To order a lamp online, it is advisable to first choose the type of lamp from the models listed above. The choice of one of the models will largely depend on the use you want to make of the lamp.

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Once found, just go to the site and enter the name of the type of lamp you want in the search bar. Many models will be presented to you among which you must choose according to the style of your decoration.

Once you've found what works for you, you can add it to the cart to proceed to checkout. The last step is to enter your address and payment information to have it delivered within 2 to 6 days.