Lamps with the lampshades in Tiffany style stained glass emerged around 1895 in the United States by Clara Driscoll.

Artist designer of glass she worked for the company for more than 20 years Tiffany studios in New York. It is she who invented lamps with the lampshades in glass welded lead considered today. She created many models of art nouveau as the lamp Wisteria, peonies, or the famous lamps of dragonflies. The lampshades was using the copper foil method, this technique requires to wrap the glasses of a copper to then solder the edges with the lead.

It is she who led the creation of stained glass and cutting service. This Department at Tiffany studios consisted of women, he was then named the "Tiffany Girls".

She collaborated with Alice Carmen Gouvy and Lillian..... talented women, Alice including realized many watercolours of plants and flowers. 

It was one of the highest paid in the world women, his annual salary reached $ 10,000 at the time.

If you want to see major exhibitions of lamps Tiffany and learn more about the history of the lamps, you can go see the New York Historical Society Museum where many works are exposed.