Are you looking for a designer lamp to embellish and create an atmosphere in your home? A design fixture is a really essential tool to reveal interior decoration. Only with lighting, you can bring a friendly atmosphere to your home. Design lamps are both an ornamental object and a functional fixture, regardless of pinchlamps, table lamps, office lamps, lamps to be laid or even lamps on the ground.

Features of design lamps

The lamps to be laid in wood already existed since the medieval period. But design lighting entered homes for the first time during the time of Louis XIV. Since then, it has continued to evolve, design fixtures have become famous and essential for interior design. Design is a matter of aesthetics and functionality, so design lamps must be comfortable and distinguished.

A design lamp has at least a technical, certainly technological convenience that can be leD. And the advantage with this technology is that it allows for an immediate ignition, and saves a lot of energy. The "dimmer" function, which allows you to change the intensity of the lamp according to your needs and activities. There is also the "touch" function that allows the light to be turned off and turned on with the movement of the hand. You can find a design lamp with the function "color temperature variation" and gesture sensors. The latest technology released is the LED RVB, which allows you to change the atmosphere in all rooms depending on your mood.

The aesthetics of a design lamp is also really important. It must always disclose excellent and light curved, be clean, modern or not. So dodge the classic style if you want to have a designer lamp at home. Design fixtures can be made from wood, steel, glass, etc.

Lamps for decoration

To decorate the rooms of your home, choose from the different types of ornamental lamps. The ceiling light is ideal for large rooms, this fixture is fixed on the ceiling and brightens the entire surface. There is also the lamp to lay, which is a real work of art, it brings light to a target place. The lamppost is a standing light fixture that encourages warmth and friendliness in your home. The wall applicator has a led glow, to brighten the décor of your room. The suspension propagates the light more or less consistently depending on the altitude of its place. The spots are also fixed or orientable decorative lights, they can be placed on the wall or ceiling. They emit a uniform and operating light.

Tiffany-style lamps with a colorful glass shade offer unique decoration with original shapes and feet. They diffuse a light in color that offers a relaxed atmosphere.

A cheap living room lamp

Are you looking for an affordable lounge lamp? There are several online sales sites that feature various cheap lounge fixtures. You can choose the Scandinavian design pose lamp for your living room, currently this model is the most fashionable. They are made from noble and robust materials such as wood and steel. They have sinuous heads to distribute lighting over target areas and articulated arms.

Design bedside lamps

The bedside lamps Design are chic decorations for bedrooms. They will bring a soft, attenuated light to your room. You can choose between several models, there are contemporary, classic or leaning designer bedside fixtures. They also have several colors such as white, pink, metal or black. Depending on your style, you can elect between glass, wood, metal or ceramic bedside fixtures. Bedside lamps have a cubic, mushroom and ball shape, others with switch and the most modern are tactile.

Cheap contemporary fixtures

Give more value to your interior decoration with modern lamps. Find contemporary fixtures at the best price on the different Marketplaces. They offer a whole line of contemporary lamps that will give more elegance to your interior style.

You can place them in the living room, bedroom or other rooms. But there are also modern fixtures dedicated especially to decorate the exterior such as terraces, entrance and garden. The advantage of these modern models is its functionality. In addition, it can be integrated with other styles.

Parisian design lampposts: chic and elegant lamp

Parisian lampposts adorn the city of lights with romance and splendor. The authentic Parisian lamppost appeared in 1744 by the bourgeois engineer of Château blanc. Now there are several models of designer lamp lights to illuminate the interior of our home. They are very practical and offer a shine of quality. You can move it easily according to your desire. There are tripod metal lampposts, metal rod lampposts, bamboo lampposts, wooden lampposts, glass and marble lampposts, etc.

How do I recognize a design lamp from the 1950s?

In most rooms you will be able to recognize the old lamps with their sleeves, which must be of the style of the time, as well as to their sons. If the model is made of plastic, it will be duller, the models in bronze or wood must have a patina.  Their shapes and often atypical, some even have a futuristic air, with these elements you should be able to recognize a design model without worries.

If you are not sure you know how to recognize an old lamp from a modern lamp, talk to an antique dealer of vintage furniture, then it will guarantee the authenticity of the coveted piece.

Famous models:

Lampe de table Beslite (1930)

In the 1950s, design fixtures were inspired by two major trends in cultural and industrial style. Industrial-style lamps are made of metal, often in bright shades. At that time, chandeliers were used for professional use or office fixtures. Ethnic lamps in this era have a clean wooden foot, which reveals the look of a mask, a badge, etc.

Here are some famous lamp creations from the 1930s to the 1970s:

  • Toio Lamppost - Flos and Lamppost Arco - Floset (1962)
  • Beslite table lamp (1930)
  • Table lamp type 75 - Anglepoise (1932)
  • Signal table lamp (1950), etc.