Everyone knows Tiffany's glass blinds, but lamp feet are also true masterpieces

The basics of the lamps that are reproductions of Tiffany allow you to illuminate your interior with the same elegance as the old models. Some of the bases are made of metal, others are made of resin, while others incorporate cut glass into the base, which is made of stained glass. 

Are Tiffany reproductions made with the same materials?

Although Tiffany reproduction lamps usually cost much less than an authentic Tiffany lamp, you should know that they are made according to Louis Comfort Tiffany techniques the stained glass windows are all glass, there are no plastic stained glass windows.

It can be said that some copies have themselves become collector's items.

A good copy of a Tiffany lamp can become a family treasure, especially those made with bronze feet and made up of several hundred pieces of glass.

When buying these reproductions, keep a close eye on the quality and make sure you get the materials and manufacturing you pay for.

What are the most common types of lamp bases?

Lamp with a stained glass base Tiffany

  • Simple Tiffany Bases

Some of the Tiffany bases are pretty simple in design. It can be a single stem or three columns, often made of metal or resin. These graceful designs, they highlight the shade they support. The drawings are usually simple, and are poorly decorated.

Base simple

  • Art Nouveau and art deco thematic bases

These models usually represent art nouveau lamps, with sculpture-shaped bases like the bird on a branch whose base takes on a tree shape, or water lily lamps.

These bases are made of metal and even some are even bronze. However, look carefully at the materials, as some reproductions of reproductions are made of resin and are much less durable, but cheaper.

Lamp with base in Tiffany art nouveau style

Art deco lamps require lamps with geometric designs that are difficult to produce, they are among the most beautiful models.

  • Ceramic shaped vase

Not all Tiffany lamps come with bronze or even metal bases. Some are ceramic and more in the shape of a vase. The best of them are sand-heavy to prevent the lamps from tipping over. These ceramic-based lamps can be a little larger and they are a little bit cheaper than the metal ones.

  • Stained glass bases

A particularly beautiful Tiffany lamp foot is the Dragonfly lamp. The base consists of green and blue stained glass windows and some red cabochons, with its own illumination separate from the two bulbs that are used in the foot. The base shows dragonflies as the day offal. The coordinated effect is exceptionally beautiful.

  • The feet of streetlights

The feet of the lampposts are made of metal or bronze, the bases must be wired with iron cast iron so as not to tip over. Electrical systems are identical to lamps except that the switches must be at the foot in order to make your life easier.

Tiffany floor lamp base

The sockets and wires

there are several socket exits, the most important like the one that are on our lamps must meet the CE and RoHs standard, without lead or mercury. There are no differences in their use, this is simply a choice on the price and model of lamp.

Plastic sockets are the most common, and the cheapest, they do their job well and are easy to install.

Plastic sleeve

Porcelain and copper sleeves will be preferred on older models, they give a more original look on the copies.

Porcelain socket

The electrical wires are to choose according to the lamp model and its color, for a lamp with a white shade will be better accompanied by a white thread. The streetlights must have a foot switch, which will make your life easier.

Modern electrical systems.

Système électrique avec interrupteur

LED bulbs are now essential, but it is now possible to use a whole range of technological systems to control your lighting.

Ampoule LED

The bulbs without dimmer, by your existing installation you can choose the color, choose the color of your bulb, its intensity and more. Philips has created a range of innovative systems.

Amazon has created Alexa Echo which connects all the electrical equipment in your home, google invented google home while Apple also released its own system.

To complete your light, accessories are essential to restore an old or broken light fixture. Spare parts will be very useful if you buy a second-hand Tiffany lamp. Indeed very often these luminaires require repair.
A Tiffany lamp is made to last, in case of breakage, you can always repair it.