A table lamp

Light is the source of life. It also plays a key role in the home. Both utilitarian and decorative, it contributes to our well-being or comfort on a daily basis. The lamp is its main supplier. There are many varieties such as chandeliers, wall lights, street lamps, table lamps or table lamps...

A table lamp, a decorative lighting par excellence

Among the different types of luminaires, the table lamp is the most sought-after source of ambient light. It can only use as an auxiliary lighting distributor. But it is also an essential accessory that provides a more stylish touch in the home. The table lamp is an ideal complement to generate a welcoming atmosphere in every room.

A table lamp in all styles

Huge collections of table lamps are available on the market, ranging from the most classic to the most sophisticated. While some styles play with colours and shapes, others adopt technology and innovation. There are some who mix the times to propose a timeless model, as is the case with Tiffany table lamps. Made by the famous American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, these types of lamps project the creative art, atmosphere and spirit of the 1930s. Functional and aesthetic, table lamps must be integrated into every decorative style of the place where you plan to install them. It should be noted that equipped with an openwork lampshade, a table lamp will reveal a magical atmosphere.

Where to place a table lamp?

Practical and aesthetic, the table lamp is the irremediable proof that it is quite probable to combine business with pleasure. No matter where it is installed, whether on the desk, buffet, furniture, pedestal table or the table itself, this type of luminaire diffuses light while decorating the room. As a result, he can land at the office. For this purpose, choose models with tilting arms, clamps, desks, to avoid disturbing you when working and to effectively illuminate your work surface. But the table lamp will also find its place at the entrance, in the hallway or a corner of the living room to diffuse a soft light at night, in the room to accompany your late readings, and even in the kitchen. Whatever your choice, the table lamp is an essential type of luminaire in your home.