Decorating a room is an exciting activity for all art lovers. With the right accessories, you can create a unique atmosphere that is in keeping with your personality. Before you buy your decorative pieces, it would be a good idea to consider the size of the room, the existing decorations and the style you want to wear. Have you ever thought about romantic dressers? This article will help you create a chic and harmonious atmosphere.

What is a romantic dresser

A romantic dresser is furniture dating back to the Baroque movement. At that time, it took the form of a simple chest of drawers made from noble wood such as mahogany, beech, pine or rubber. The very first models were cut in accordance with the commission of King Louis XVI. Thanks to its unique finish, the furniture seduces a large number of subjects and it has started to be produced in quantity.

How to recognize baroque furniture?

Baroque is an ideology of Portuguese origin that comes from the word "baroco" which means exuberance and exaggeration. However, it will add a little cachet to your interior decoration. Also be aware that furniture from this period can be used to bring out a large number of decorative styles. In order to distinguish authentic works from copies, we advise you to be attentive to the points that will follow.

The shape of the furniture: in most cases, the baroque furniture is asymmetrical. However, some cabinetmakers opt for more rounded curves.

Furniture decoration: Note that some carpenters like to decorate their artworks with figurines, medallions or clocks. These give a touch of romanticism to the old dressers.

Furniture structure: Designed for meticulous individuals, it is equipped with a secret compartment that will be used to conceal certain objects from prying eyes.

White dressers

According to decoration experts, white dressers are very popular in 2020. Thanks to its neutral color, it easily adapts to any world.

The characteristics of white dressers

Note that white dressers are easy to clean and easily adapt to decorative parts already in your home. In addition, it can be installed in your office, living room, bedroom, reception room or lobby. Do you like vintage style? This kind of dresser can be matched with any antique furniture of your choice.

The strengths of the furniture

Keep in mind that romantic dressers have been created for art lovers. Currently, it exists in several forms and models. Which one to choose? We advise you to direct your choice to the model 80 cm high, 74 cm long and 39 cm wide. This is a standard size that suits any room. Moreover, it is available at a reasonable price from experienced dealers.

Where to buy a dresser to repaint it?

Nowadays, romantic dressers are collector's items of great value. As a result, resellers are scarce. To find Baroque dressers to paint, you must visit antique shops, discussion forums and classified ads.

Did you know that classified ads are very useful when it comes to collectibles? In general, it is through these small sheets that some people sell the furniture they no longer need. In addition, prices are very affordable and within the reach of any budget.