The drawer dresser is part of the essential furniture for storing linens, documents or personal items. It is also very appreciated for its size, because it allows to optimize space in its interior (room, living room, etc.).

The dresser has passed through time! The Louis XV style gave it its nobility and contributed to its popularity. In this article, you will know better the Louis XV dresser, the different models, price and where to buy it.

The Louis XV drawer dresser

The Louis XV drawer dresser was one of the most produced furniture during the reign of the eponymous king (1730-1770) and quickly found its place in the residences of the Court and the nobility. The Louis XV storage cabinet, which today serves as a ceremonial piece, is made of marquetry wood, with harmonious curves, bronze decoration, a curved footing and two or three rows of drawers on its façade.

There are sometimes Louis XV style models with more rows of drawers, for example four or six.

The characteristics of the Louis XV style

The Louis XV style, more commonly called "rocaille" or "Pompadour", appeared in the 18th century during the reign of the king known as "The Beloved" and brought delicacy, a feminine touch to the style of furnishings of the time.

This style is distinguished from that of its predecessor by the return of asymmetry and Baroque style. Indeed, Louis XIV furniture was akin to classicism, where the absolute symmetry of the motifs was de rigueur. The pieces of Louis XV furniture have a more intimate character and use nature motifs (shells, animals, flowers, etc.). Nature will also influence this style by the colors and marbles used: green, pink, blue, etc.

Walnut, oak and beech woods, lace-up or painted, are used to create Louis XV furniture, as well as exotic wood-making and branding techniques. For ornamentation, materials such as bronze and copper are used. It is a very different furniture from the Louis XVI style, because it plays on curves. The favourite pieces are the armchair, the dresser or the small table, and new furniture emerges like the hairdresser. All Louis XV furniture has the distinction of having shapely feet.

The dresser is deeply marked by this style, as it undergoes major transformations such as the use of the marquetry or the removal of the crossbar.

The various Louis 15 dressers

The particularity of the Louis XV dresser is to come in several versions, which has its own name according to one of its characteristics (shape, material or region of origin).

The dressers in marqueteries

The marquetry is an inlay technique, used in cabinet making. It is simply an ornament designed with veneers, different woods or materials, cut from a drawing and which will be fixed on a piece of furniture.

There are three types of Louis XV dressers in marquetry:

  • The chest of tombs, known as "regency" is usually made up of rosewood marquetry. With the appearance of a sarcophagus, it is an imposing and slightly bulging dresser with low feet. It is covered with marble on top and bronze at the corners and ends.
  • The jumper dresser owes its name to its frog-shaped feet. The look of this dresser is more airy than the previous one, as it has two drawers and has mid-high feet. "To the Cressant" is another term that refers to it, in reference to its inventor.
  • The Louis XV dresser in Boulle marquetry takes its name from the King's cabinetmaker, André-Charles Boulle (1642-1732). This chest of drawers is decorated with a marquetry made up of tortoiseshell veneers, mixed with brass or copper.

Commode Louis 15 en marqueterie

Painted dressers

Louis XV painted dressers are characterized by the use of pastel colours. These colours recall nature such as light green, lila, pink, white or blue. These paintings represent Chinese factories: characters, floral elements, scenes, etc.

The Louis XV-style painted dresser model par excellence is the rag. Looking like a jumping dresser, the rag is a small, high dresser with curved feet. (correct very decorated, laqué and painted)

Commode Louis XV peinte

Rustic dressers

The rustic dressers are different from other types of Louis XV-style dressers because they are not made of veneer. Indeed, they are carved and moulded in solid oak or walnut wood.

This type of dresser is linked to the Transition period, when rococo-style furniture is transformed in a more sober way.

The price of a Louis XV dresser

The price of a Louis XV dresser, whether old or in style, depends first of all on its condition and type.

The price of an old Louis XV dresser?

It takes several thousand euros to buy a Louis XV period dresser manufactured in the 18th century. On the market, the classic Louis VX dressers start at 2,500 euros, and the exceptional ones, from 6,000 euros. You should know that the tomb-shaped dressers are the most expensive on the market, the price can go up to at least 8,000 euros if they are composed of quality materials.

If you want to buy an authentic Louis XV old dresser, you can also opt for a dresser stamped with a big name of 18th century French cabinetry or carpentry. A stamped piece of furniture will be worth more, because the stamp increases the value of the furniture and makes it easier to expertise. If the patina of the furniture is damaged, its initial value will be devalued. Don't hesitate to get advice from an antique dealer to choose your old Louis 15 dresser, if you don't know anything about it.

The price of a style dresser?

Buying a Louis XV-style dresser will cost less, as it is a reproduction of a period dresser. Its price also varies depending on its date of creation. For example, louis XV-style dressers from the mid-20th century are available from a few hundred euros.

They can also reach 1,000 to 1,500 euros, depending on its condition and where the purchase is made (antique shops, auction rooms, etc.).

HTdeco offers a selection of Louis XV-style dressers from 100 euros, to be found on the site. The Louis 15 style dresser is in high demand because it adds character to an interior in the living room, office or bedroom, as well as serving as storage and being affordable. Tomb or jumper dressers in marquetry, with or without marble are available on our online website

Commode Louis XV pas cher à 199 euros

Where to buy a cheap Louis XV dresser?

Want to buy a cheap Louis XV dresser? You can opt for a second-hand dresser that can be found in flea markets, empty attics or on the Internet via an online ad site like Le Bon Coin. There are also sites specializing in the sale of style furniture and art deco, where you can buy a reproduction of cheap Louis XV dresser.

The flea markets

Buying from flea markets is an opportunity to shop with antique dealers. You will find furniture and objects that have already been evaluated, including Louis XV-style dressers. It is very easy to find flea markets around your home, some are even permanent. Today, it is possible to search online. For example, Selency (formerly Brocantelab) is an online antique art deco and stylish furniture store (convenient, table, office, etc.).

The empty attic

By taking a ride through the empty attic, you may come across some pretty finds. This is the place for bargains! Indeed, being organized by private individuals, you can more skillfully negotiate if you come across a Louis XV style furniture (and perhaps with period luck) ;)

The right corner

The first online ad site in France for individuals is also a place where you can find stylish furniture at an affordable price. Vus will find mainly used Louis XV dressers on the right corner however, pay attention to fake ads and take the time to evaluate the seller's ad.

At Htdeco

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