How about letting yourself be transported a hundred years back through the decoration of your home? Indeed, if you are a fan of houses decorated in an authentic and traditional way, you will be seduced by a Venetian mirror both classic and original.

Murano Venetian Mirror

There's nothing like a baroque mirror of Venetian origin to add a touch of originality and authenticity to your cozy cocoon. Dating back to the early 1900s, this Murano glass decorative object made in Venice by talented craftsmen accentuates the value of your home.

Placed in an entrance hall or in a bedroom, Venetian mirrors add the little extra that is missing to your decoration to sparkle. Indeed, with a large glass pediment mirror engraved and well carved, you will decorate your interior like no one had ever done.

Murano Mirror Price

Do you dream of a beautiful Venetian mirror to decorate your home with many styles? All you have to do is place your order for an antique dealer or dealer to start the delivery. Indeed, having a beautiful venetian glass mirror is a way to enhance your home and give it a unique touch.

But to have 20th century mirrors, you have to set aside a dedicated budget. Indeed, the price of Baroque mirrors can range from a hundred euros to 3,000 euros, depending on the style and style.

Mirror year 20

Do you like what is beautiful, classic and elegant for decorating your home? We recommend a vintage mirror with wooden pediment or engraved glass of Venetian origin. Indeed, several websites are currently launching in the sale of an old circa mirror, but very good condition to perfect your decoration. You can see a Louis XV mirror hanging in the center of the white walls of your living room or hall.

Venetian Mirror Year 50

Your home is decorated with baroque furniture that looks very old, but adds an exceptional charm to your home? You can very well complete the decoration of your home with a Venetian-style mirror. Indeed, circa mirrors originating in Venice dating from the 1950s are present in the homes of lovers of antiques objects for a long time. A circa mirror made in Venice by masters of tradition, these decorative objects are sure to make your interior more original than ever.

Octagonal Venetian mirror

Circa mirrors of Venetian origin come in different designs and designs to allow you a wide choice. Among other things, you can choose an octagonal mirror that comes straight from Venice. The design of this model is breathtaking, very unique and brings a touch of originality to your home.

Miroir vénitien à parecloses

The Venetian style for decoration

You have a very typical taste when it comes to decoration. Like, you prefer a Venetian-style mirror instead of a very modern ice cream. Thankfully, this model is always sold online or on shops dedicated to antique dealers and masters of tradition who continue to work on the model. Existing in wooden or steel models, mirrors originating in Venice are still marketed on the market.

Venetian mirror definition

The Venetian-style mirror or the parclose mirror is a kind of large ice cream around which small mirrors are added as decoration. To ensure their maintenance, a very decorative intermediate chassis is installed. This mirror model is very typical of Venice, but everyone can see it now thanks to models reworked and available on the market. To have one to hang in your bathroom or in your room, you only have to order to get free shipping.