Would you like to buy a Louis XIV-style piece of furniture, but you don't know how to identify an authentic antique piece of furniture? Want to know what the main features of these art objects are and what their value is? This article will help you get to know Louis XIV furniture better. Despite the passing of time and the evolution of interior decoration, the Louis XIV style is still in fashion.

The Louis XIV style

The Louis XIV style is a new trend of furniture that emerged in the 17th century. A rococo style despite its conformism, majestic and epic. Furniture from this period has special features, well-padded armchairs, imposing column edits and monumental wardrobe. He evolves with Charles the brown who adorned the ice gallery at Versailles. And Colbert who created the crown furniture factory. Boulle's work affirms the excellence of cabinetmaking and craftsmanship under the sovereignty of Louis XIV. These furniture are the marks of the breadth that defines the French 17th century.

The characteristics of the Louis XIV style

Louis XIV style furniture is luxurious furniture made from solid woods such as oak wood, blackened pear, ebony, walnut, marble. Coloured woods, animal materials such as scales, ivory, horn and bone are also used. As well as mineral materials such as tin and copper. The furnishings are decorated with various well-carved motifs. They are strictly compliant. Here are some examples of the motif that adorns the furniture of the Louis XIV style: sun, acanthe leaf, palmette, two intertwined L, rolled fruit, leaf branch, shields, tridents, Basques, ram horns, trophies, bows, draperies, etc. The ornaments are gold or bronze. The footings are in balustre, console or square sheath. The feet end in claw, top, cubic hoof or even crushed sphere. They are usually sober, gilded or carved wood.

The louis XIV period dressers

The Louis XIV chest of drawers is one of Charles Boulle's finest creations. It is a new piece of furniture that showed up at the end of the 17th century, it succeeds the chests and cabinets. The first dresser created for King Louis XIV is the tomb dresser which has a straight façade. A rather short piece of furniture, rather luxurious with a small drawer decorated by a medallion in the center.

After the dresser continues to evolve, a second model appeared the dresser filled with belly. This new style has two to three drawers with a marble tray. They are enhanced in design sandmarks, carved wood with peeling or bronzes.

The Louis XIV model will be followed by chests of drawers louis XV in veneer precious wood with curved shapes and often topped with marble, followed by the transition style and then Louis XVI.

Commode louis XIV

Louis XIV Commodity by André Charles Boulle visible at the Met Museum in New York

How much does an old Louis XIV dresser cost?

From our day, the old Louis XIV dresser has become a rare piece to find. It can cost a fortune in the art market because it is a valuable item. It is a quality and sumptuous piece of furniture. Before selling or buying antique furniture, call on an antique dealer and expert to evaluate its price.

Other Louis XIV-style furniture

There are various Louis XIV-style furniture that are all made from solid woods (ebony, walnut, rosewood, marble, etc.). They are all decorated with sculptures of different motifs. Here we present you the shape of the chair and desk Louis XIV.

The Louis XIV chair is very comfortable and sumptuous with an accotoir, feet and sleepers in console. Sometimes the footings are made of baluster. The backrest is well padded and leans back and others can result up to 20 cm. The stoisis is decorated with several coils, sometimes by another pattern. It also has the confessional chair, it has two padded counter-arches, clons lined with elegant fabric, feather cushion installed on the seat, bottom of the seat raised in concave, back with a pair of ears.

The Louis XIV desk is based on eight feet of tin or copper, plated with scales. The footing has a very original appearance, four feet in two groups joined together by diagonally intertwined bars and now each drawers.

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