The club armchair, French or English?

A perfect asset to give a warm and vintage side to its interior. At the end of the 19th century, there were seats in the English Gentlemen's Club with a deep seat and wooden armrest. More pleasant than a chair, it is in France that we find the origin of this flagship model: the "comfortable chair". Designed with spring suspensions and a basan non-slip coating that has brought it its originality.

Have a drink like a Gentlemen's Club

This generously shaped model with its wide armrests was exported to England in the 1920s and found its place in the Clubs, which gave it its name. It will bring comfort and an authentic side to the living room.

Fauteuil club anglais

A design that evolves over time

The shell armrest is the flagship. In the 1920s, the armrests changed, the vintage seat lost its curves. After the 1930s, it underwent a real transformation: more inclined and softer, it was adorned with a finish in "mustache" or "brace".

Vintage leather club armchairs

Where does this vintage side come from?

The secret is in the design of the flagship chair. Despite its evolution, its armrest remains wide and high, the seat low and comfortable. The real club chair is ideal in leather and well stocked!

The leather of the Club armchair

The vintage side is the finish! Covered in real sheepskin, this flagship model is coated with wax. Applied to the seat, seat and armrest, it is she who skates the surface of the chair.

Fauteuil cigare de forme club vintage

The appearance, the color, the cigar in the car

Some car models are inspired by club chairs! For a car, opt for the color "cigar," "old cellar" or gray. Light the fire and let go! Get your cigar, grab the cigarette lighter, but be careful not to set yourself on fire! Make a hook in the past.

PVC and BYCAST models

PVC, a little Starck side

This contemporary model will take place at the show! Bring a vintage feel while keeping a modern form. Inspired by the 1985 model, it retains the shape of the seat and armrest of the traditional armchair. Enter the empire of the modern world!

A cheap but aesthetically pleasing chair

Keep fit and add another touch? Find the color of cigar leather with the Bycast, instead of leather, which will give it its shiny and lustrous side until the end of the armrests.

The Chesterfield Chair

The centerpiece of your home

Give your office a British feel! Perfect for landing in front of your PC. Its padded leather is covered with a beautiful mahogany note. Leave your car in the garage, stay in your chair and order your supplies without moving.

Relaxing in English

The Chesterfield, with its quilted leather seat, will bring charm to your living room. The shape of the armrest and the padded back will give a little British side to tea time or by rolling a good cigar. It was particularly popular in Havana's smoking clubs in the 1900s, and today there are many reproductions in faux leather or Bycast.

A décor that spans the centuries

Firm and comfortable, the Chesterfield comes straight from the British Empire. A major piece of furniture, it takes place in all living rooms. Color cigar or mahogany, it is designed in the eighteenth century and continues to surprise us.

Fauteuil Chesterfield en Bycast

The aluminum aviator chair

Le style Howard Hughes

Enter the aviation empire with thisarm, go back to the beginning of the 20th century. Featuring riveted aluminum plates instead of leather armrests. Mahogany color, its design will find its place in your furniture.

An aluminum frame and armrests

A true vintage piece, this superb armchair immerses you in a Hollywood atmosphere with its leather and aluminum design. Made with quality materials, its industrial touch will make it the flagship piece of your home.

Fauteuil cigare de style aviateur en aluminium

Exceptional furniture

Use a piece of furniture to decorate. Cross the century and land in the aviation empire. Mahogany leather will take shape over time and bring elegance to your home. It will take its place, even in a small space.

Where to buy a used chair?

The models you can find

In flea market or on the networks, we'll have to search! Club chairs, cigar, aviator... Vintage armchairs are part of the trendy and popular furniture. Prospect by model, monitor advertisements. Look at the armrest, the seat, the side, the backrest... Good clues about the quality of padding or plush and good reflexes to set up.

Don't forget to test the seat

The occasion sometimes has its bad side. Avoid unpleasant surprises, find the real rare gem. Have you checked the shape of the armrest? Try the seat because its comfort will only be guaranteed with a cushion or springs in good condition! Don't give it your all without sitting in an armchair!

If you like new lounges and don't like used seats, opt for a modern fabric lounge chair.

The keys to getting a good chair

Another way to get a used chair: word of mouth! Nothing beats social to sell or buy. Perhaps you have a neighbour next door willing to give his chair for a handful of dollars? You can do good business! An armrest not in shape? It is possible to change the straps and renovate it!