Art Deco style

Bring a classy vintage touch to your home by choosing a art deco furniture 1930s style to decorate your home. A large number of French accessories shops sell this very authentic avant-garde style with the same wood-making techniques and the same raw material choices namely solid and precious woods such as rosewood, violet woods , lemon trees, amaranths and rosewood.

Art Deco Buffet

Ideal for embellishing your office or room, a art deco buffet provides quite a lot of storage space. The top of the furniture is usually made of pure marble or marquetry. The entire body of the furniture is always made of solid wood and the finishes are often made of precious wood marked with a varnish that has been carefully handmade. This luxurious piece of furniture will take you around the world with the branded décor that is inside and outside your buffet. There are two kinds of art and deco buffets.

Buffet enfilades

Similar to a magnifying glass buffet, this style of buffet has its place perfectly in the dining room. Both very pretty and practical, you will have a precious object with pretty shapes to store your linens, your dishes and your cutlery. The enfilade carries as many doors as drawers as a chest of drawers, which is why it's the perfect piece of furniture to keep your belongings close at hand.


The Credence is a two-piece buffet variant. It is a kind of buffet with a bahut as a base with an additional opening room. Like the thread, its place is usually in the dining room. But you might as well put it in an office as a decorative storage cabinet for your files.

Art deco buffets are art storage furniture that in addition to bringing a contemporary breath to your interior will offer you a very large storage space. The weight of each furniture art package is available at all sales sites. Check out our art deco buffets on sale by clicking here.

Furniture year 20

The 1920s remain edined decoration. This is the year of massive furniture. Trends are mainly focused on mahogany, ebony, macassars and occasionally galtuchats. Apart from the solid woods, the designers of the time also worked with other opaque materials such as metal, bronze and aluminum. For armchair tables and massive bedside holders, they mainly favour materials such as mother-of-pearl, hairspray and thick glasses.

Here are some must-haves of 1920s deco storage items:

The fan table and the flower lamp of the year 1929 by Pierre Chareau;

Table éventail art décoLampe fleurs art déco

The wooden sunlounge chair from 1924 and the Bibendum chair from 1925 by Eileen Gray;

fauteuil transat en bois de 1924 par Eileen Gray fauteuil Bibendum de 1925 par Eileen Gray

The unmissable Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer in 1925;

chaise Wassily par Marcel Breuer en 1925

Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe's massive MR chair from 1929.

fauteuil massif MR de Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe de 1929.

Furniture art nouveau

Art Nouveau furniture is the nuggets of the art and decoration market. Currently disappearing, these are clearly works of art whose acquisitions are made almost exclusively in auctions and some rare pieces are even found in black markets. Operated from 1890 to 1910, art nouveau furniture developed an assertive artistic style that was vigorously inspired by the country and quantum flora. The art nouveau furniture brings together the Gothic style, Louis XV and Louis XVI in the image of nature and women. There are two categories of art nouveau:

Floral naturalism originally called Modern Style which was developed by the artists of the Nancy School which exploits botanical repertoires and feminine curves.

The rationalist art nouveau that comes from a rationalist movement. Minimalist furniture with clean shapes stands out. The greatest designer of this period was Henry Van de Velde.

Art deco TV furniture

The TV cabinet is a must-have in the living room that hosts the TV and all the bric-a-brac related to the internet. Like the coffee table, the TV cabinet is a key element of the living room. To be placed in front of a pretty art deco armchair, there is something for everyone: a TV cabinet with Nordic or industrial airs to bring out a contemporary style. A solid wood furniture with a certain style and original storage form to bring out a vintage taste or even a TV design furniture for a more modern style.

Characteristic art deco furniture

the art deco furniture succeeds the art nouveau furniture. It was born just after the First World War, inspired by the day after the war. Cubism and Fauvism as well as African art were highlighted in the image of the damage caused by this war.

Our store offers a wide range of reproductions of art deco furniture for sale.

How to differentiate an old art deco furniture from a reproduction?

It can be very difficult to differentiate a copy from an old piece of furniture, it is advisable to go to an antique dealer. To certify the authenticity of your furniture ask for an invoice that dates from the period of the furniture purchased.