A secretary Louis XVI is an office period 18th century. Its shallow depth saves space, which is used in a room, bedroom or living room and takes up no more space than a dresser.

A Louis XVI-style secretary is often a piece decorated with marquetry, with precious wood veneers, mahogany and exotic woods are often used. Its frame is made of solid mahogany or beech wood. The bottoms of the fluted feet are lined with bronze hooves.

The depth of the old furniture is less important than a flat desk, the writing part usually opens or unfolds to reveal a flat surface for writing. it is often equipped with one or more drawers.

The height of the writing board of the Louis XVI office is often slightly higher than that of a flat piece of furniture, in order to leave the space for an armchair with armrests. The surface for writing is revealed either by a knockdown or by a zipper on a central drawer.

Sometimes some models have drawers on the front topped with a small surface topped with a small pink or white marble.

Secretary Louis XVI is also called the cylinder office or sloping office, these models were very popular in the 17th century.