How do I choose your baroque console?

In order to choose your furniture ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I going to put it?
  • What color do I need?
  • What style? old or modern?
  • Solid wood or particle panel?
  • A console with drawer or mirror?

After answering your questions, you can read the following, we will explain the Baroque style, its history and help you to buy the console that suits you at the best price.

Baroque style

The Baroque style appeared in Italy as early as the 16th century, and this style affected all areas of the arts. It will last for centuries.

The furniture of this period is very loaded with sculpture, to be more ostentatious they are made of solid gilded or silver wood, some are wrought iron with a marble top. More modern models are lacquered black or white, design consoles can be made of metal with a tempered glass top.

Black or white baroque consoles

Console baroque blanche

Black or white lacquered wooden consoles are old furniture that is back in fashion. White for furniture is used for romantic interiors, it also helps to lighten a room. While black furniture will instead go into a room, a white lacquered wooden console will be installed in a dining room or hallway to serve as an entrance cabinet. 

In the style of decoration, a white or black baroque dresser can complement your interior in harmony.

Silver or gold baroque consoles

Console baroque dorée

The gilded wood is typical of this period, it allowed to highlight the sculptures. The antique silver color gives a console table an authentic look, and helps to keep a more modern and trendy look of the furniture. The style is louis XV period, which is easily found with the curved feet of the furniture and its decorations.

Here are the most beautiful baroque wall consoles in gilded or silver wood:

Buy a baroque console on ebay or used

If you do not want to buy an antique furniture from an antique dealer, it is possible to find a good auction on Ebay and used. By participating in an auction without a price reserve you will be able to buy your furniture at the best price, but offers are rare and sometimes prices soar.

Buy a baroque console on the right cheap corner

On the site "The Good Corner" you will find a large number of sellers offering furniture consoles. But these are main particle panel furniture, buy in modern or chic furniture stores. The main provenance of this furniture comes from the shops Ikea, House of the World or Conforama. These furniture that does not have many souls are often quickly replaced by buyers, they put them on the site of classifieds. It is therefore best to choose hand-carved solid wood furniture that you will keep for a long time and that you can pass on to your family later.

Buy a cheap and new baroque console, it's possible!

It is not easy to buy a console in good condition, and it is difficult to find it at reasonable prices. If you want your furniture quickly, which has a chic and trendy look with an antique style in the purest rococo style, the best solution is to buy a new and cheap baroque console.

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