The modern Louis 15 armchair

The Louis 15 seat is made with a solid wooden frame, it is an 18th century style piece of furniture. It is used as a seat in the living room with a sofa or chairs. The modern armchair retains the same frame, but with updated fabrics, but keeping the Louis XV spirit. With a lounge made up of beech furniture, shepherdess armchairs on the back and beech frame, your decoration is renewed.

Blue louis XV armchair

The blue Louis 15 armchair is the perfect seat model that has been updated for the living room.

This same fabric is used for the Louis XV style sofa, the chair and the shepherdess style of the same color for sale in our furniture store. The seating codes at the time were taken up and applied to the back restand and armrest.

This style of furniture is appreciated, because by keeping the same code as the old furniture, with an identical back and shape, the furniture has kept the charm of the 18th century furniture.
The Louis XVI sofa in velvet or satin fabric can also be matchd with the modern Louis XV armchair. 

Louis XIV armchair

The Louis XIV armchair is a baroque piece of solid wood carved, it resembles the Louis XV armchair, but is often made of gilded or silver wood. You can check out our article on this model here.
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