Appearing in the early 1950s, the egg chair has established itself as a reference in the world of designer furniture. Combining comfort, elegance and refinement, its very original ovoid shape makes it an almost timeless object and still very trendy today.

For lovers of vintage furniture type, there are nowadays a string of variations of the original model that allow you to decorate your living room, your garden or your office.

The story of the egg-shaped armchair

Also known as the Egg Chair, the seat was designed in 1958 by Danish interior designer Arne Jacobsen. Originally designed for the decoration of the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen where he worked at the time, this chair has now become a true icon of industrial design.

Its egg shape, designed by its creator, brings together the back, seat and armrests in one piece. In charge of designing all the decoration elements of the hotel, he took the opportunity to apply his theories on functional architecture and create the egg chair. The objective of the chair was when welcoming guests into the hotel lobby in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Initially, the designer worked the shape of the first models of his chair from modeled clays. To make their shells, he was the first designer to use foam under the tapestry that serves as furniture.

Today, seat manufacturing methods have evolved. It is now made from fiberglass reinforced with polyurethane foam. The hulls now have a tilt fitting that adjusts the seat according to the weight and size of its user and their only foot in the form of a star, allowing them to rotate 360 degrees.

Influenced, notably by the Womb armchair created by finnish architect Eero in 1948, the egg chair appeared as a real technological innovation for the time. Located within the hotel, its ovoid shape contrasted perfectly with the horizontal architecture of the building. Its fluid and uncluttered design allowed it to add a touch of elegance and modernity to the hotel' interior.

Highly prized by lovers of vintage design, the egg-shaped seat has never been taken out of production, since the first models marketed by Fritz Hansen under the code name No 3317.

Having become a design classic, nowadays it is found in many modern hotels and in the salons of many design enthusiasts who have a taste for vintage.

Different types of egg chairs design

There are many styles and variations of the egg chair to embellish your interior. It all depends on what you're looking for.

If you want authenticity, opt for the original model: the black egg chair. Alternatively, you can turn to more modern styles popular with lovers of this type of furniture such as the cocoon egg model, the aviator egg model or the bubble chair.

The cocoon egg chair

With the bubble chair, the cocoon model is one of the most famous creations of designer Eero Aarnio. An undisputed star of the 1966 International Furniture Fair in Cologne, he marked the beginning of his designer's fame as a designer.

Originally designed by the artist to decorate his apartment with an intimate and pleasant piece of furniture, the cocoon chair has finally conquered the world.

Its balloon-shaped appearance inspires a sense of protection and intimacy that makes you feel like you're in a cocoon.

Its fiberglass shell makes it very cozy and its brightly coloured fabric interior adds a touch of gaiety to your apartment.

The bubble chair

Unlike the cocoon egg chair, which has a central foot, the bubble chair in English is a hanging chair.

After creating the cocoon chair, the designer wants to design a new seat that combines comfort and friendliness. So he imagined a transparent, suspended balloon chair: the bubble chair.

Surprising in its eccentric appearance, the bubble chair was a major innovation in the design world of the time. Today, prized for its atypical design, this living room furniture remains timeless in modernity. Its enveloping shape insulates from outside noise and its cozy cushions allow you to relax quietly while keeping an eye contact on its environment.

Whether you're reading or having tea in your garden, the bubble chair is ideal for your relaxing moments. It guarantees your garden a cocooning and friendly atmosphere. The fact that it is suspended gives its user pleasant floating sensations.

The aviator egg chair

Dressed in leather, the aviator model is an armchair whose metal hull was designed in the image of the body of an airplane. More specifically, its beautifully enamelled rivet hull is reminiscent of the famous Douglas DC-3 aircraft with its aluminum cabin.

fauteuil oeuf aviateur marron

Elegant and graceful, this vintage aviator style armchair guarantees comfort and privacy. Its oval shape perfectly fits the curves of your body and gives you armrests and a pleasant support for your head. Generally, comes with cushions more than 20 cm thick, it offers a soft and silky feel.

The coatings of the egg chairs design

Although egg chairs can be found in wool or cashmere, in general fabric and leather are the most used coatings. Each of these two materials presents special pros and cons.

Leather coatings

A high-quality coating, leather has the advantage of being a very strong material. It guarantees the seat a great longevity and allows it to age well.

The only downside with leather is that it makes the furniture more expensive.

fauteuil cocoon en simili cuir

Cloth coatings

A fabric coating offers the possibility to customize its furniture. Depending on the décor of your living room, you can choose from dozens of different fabric colors. Note, however, that the most common fabric colours for this type of furniture are black, white and red.

Less prestigious than leather, the purchase of a fabric model will allow you to save money as long as you are constantly maintaining it. Because the downside with fabrics is that they get dirty very easily.

How do you choose your egg chair?

In order to choose your "Egg Chair" style design chair that suits you, you need to consider when purchasing the qualities of the different types of seats.

For example, if you are looking for a piece of furniture that lasts as long as possible, it is best to opt for a leather and wood aviator chair. Also, for the seat you have chosen to be in harmony with the decorating style of your interior, you should not neglect the choice of the color of the coating.

Depending on the size of the room for which the seat is intended, it is important to choose the appropriate dimensions. In order that the furniture is neither too large nor too small, it is advisable to choose a model that has a size adjustment device. Alternatively, you can choose a standard model such as the Acapulco egg chair, which has a seat height of between 40 and 50 cm.

Moreover, if it is for your garden that you want to buy the Egg chair, hanging models like the bubble chair are particularly recommended because more suitable for the outdoors.

Where to find the used Maroon egg chair offer at the best price?

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If you are looking for more information about egg chairs, there are many blogs and websites that can help you find the rarest and most vintage models.