The models of Louis XIV armchairs follow those of the previous period or that of Louis XV. They are generally differentiated by a richer decoration in a Baroque or neoclassical style.

This period corresponds to the creation of BOULLE style furniture, furniture with wood inlay and precious materials. This marquetry is found on some armchairs. The seats are distinguished by their essences but also by the shape of the feet in baluster or by the feet said console.

How is the armchair Louis XIV

The backrest is high, the large armrests, the spacious seats, they are lined with luxurious fabrics, often depicting landscapes and scenes from that time. It's a resolutely comfortable piece of furniture.

We not only produce seats, but also cabinets, dressers and tables, it is a rich and ostentatious style.

It is now difficult to find Louis XIV armchairs, the antiques are usually completely to restore, the stuffs to the lining have become impossible to find. The furniture is very loaded, it is today neglected for more modern models like the armchair Louis XV Cabriolet.

Armchair difference Louis XV and Louis XVI 

Louis XV armchairs have a lot of curves, Louis XVI armchairs have a straight and straight shape.

The feet of Louis XVI are straight and fluted, while on Louis XV models the feet are curved and carved. 

There are differences between each style, if you know them you will not be able to go wrong, these three eras have produced very different seats.