The baroque Dresser is a piece of furniture trend, it comes in different form and color of ancient or modern style. Baroque dressers are storage for the bedroom furniture. For the purchase of a design convenient for the interior decoration of your home, make the right choice by following our advice.

We have come many stores to compare prices and models sold.

Pier Import Dresser

At Pier Import, you will find the Amadeus style vintage or modern dressers, there is the large piece of furniture, the chest or bedside table model. Some models are modern, if rather vintage style romantic in colour grey, white or black.

The dresser baroque house in the world

With House of the style world is varied rather ancient for a décor in the style of the past at different prices. The baroque Dresser is available in natural, white stain, black or gray stain wood. models in metal industrial design style in black lacquer, if you like the style industry.

Models style baroque in color, no style Casa Padrino, but rather Indian. the collections are artisanal style of different heights and drawers. Part seems made handmade wooden and other parts in MDF with bright decorations.

Baroque dressers goal

In stores Goal you will find cheap design dressers in mdf, the style is simple but useful. You have scavengers of the stirred with seven drawers. the main colors are white, black, with models in imitation oak chipboard. shipping is not free, but you can save delivery costs by coming to the store to make the withdrawal of your order.