A high-class decorative style, the baroque chair continues to assert itself gradually on various occasions such as marriage. Rococo is known for its rich ornamentation. It also derives its elegance from its refined forms.

The Baroque style is an artistic movement born in Italy. However, it became one of the most popular decorations in Europe in the 16th century. Then, it took only a few years after its appearance to establish itself in the royal courts of Louis XV. Nowadays, the models have been visited in order to bring back a second youth. Baroque furniture is thus seen as atypical and whimsical. The baroque terms are taken from the Portuguese barroco.

How to choose a baroque chair for a wedding?

The baroque theme is definable in two words. It is possible to evoke chic and glamour. The mixtures of arabesque colours are all elements that will show their uniqueness. Their sophistication should easily set the newlyweds apart during the event.

There are many criteria of choice to know before buying a baroque chair. It is advisable to consider the space available in the reception room, the theme, the decorative objects as well as the material.

The reception room

The style fits perfectly with all dimensions. This means that no matter the size of the room, it will find its place. For a small reception room, it's wise to prefer a discreet seat, if your room is modern and small, like the Louis XVI black velvet fabric dining chair. On the other hand, you should bet on volume when the room is large. For example, the meridian. Its size will fill the feeling of emptiness and help to mitigate the dispersion of sound.

The theme

In principle, the inspired design will project guests into a 16th century deco atmosphere. It is therefore important to highlight a model with a golden, white, black or silver colour. The theme of marriage will also revolve around its colours. The patterned fabric that lasions the accessory will be a valuable help in accentuating the matching theme. For example, you can discover a flower pattern with a padded back on pairs of chairs.

The shapes

The configuration of the table can evolve into a selection criterion. There are several types of this furniture. You can see a table in a reception room with rounded or rectangular shapes. For the latter case, the baroque style is less suitable since they are often rounded. Nevertheless, you can direct your minds to an armchair.

Before you find the right piece of furniture, you should look at decorations that are already integrated into the environment. When opting for style, you should prefer objects with oval decorations. The curtains will also have to be distinguished by bright colors. You even have to think about putting up paintings on walls or mirrors. The vases will have their place on other baroque furniture. In some cases, special attention should also be paid to fixtures on walls or ceilings.


Wood remains the material par excellence of the Baroque style. This was influenced in large part by his ability to accept sculpture. Metal is also a possible building material without straying from style. To fine-tune the selection, the solution is to examine the flooring. For parquet floors or tiles, the wood will carry heat and a natural touch.

Our selection of baroque chairs for the wedding

Discover among our wide choice of baroque furniture, the most suitable model, we have selected for you the seats best suited to events, in faux leather or gilded wood. For this selection we have chosen the models that are best suited, and often cheaper than a used baroque chair.

The white baroque chair and silver wood

Chaise baroque blanche argent

This chair has everything to please thanks to its wooden structure. To sublimate itself, it is designed with beech essence. The solid wood was then painted by the craftsmen with a silvery coloration.

A foam accentuates the comfort it provides on the back. When sitting down, the padding will marry the shape of the body to offer a unique convenience. The set is married with a white fabric made from PVC. The tapestry nails will maintain the weaving on the solid wood structure. It will show its brilliance by day in a garden under the countryside.

The baroque white chair

Chaise blanche baroque

Beech is the constituent substance of the baroque white chair. The material is known for its high lifespan and heavy weight.

With the item, you can count on the ease it will provide. To do this, it has a padded back with a foam filling. Textile is formed by the assembly of two materials that are vinyl polychloride and polyester.

To successfully assemble the wooden structure, the manufacturers relied on the mortaise. The protruding parts were then adjusted to tenon. The use of both techniques gives the structure its full strength.

The Louis XVI Baroque medallion chair

Chaise médaillon baroque louis xvi

The furniture derives its aesthetic quality from the nobility of beech. Perfect resilience will be accessible due to its foam filling. A synthetic fabric covers the materials assigned for padding. The nails then surround the fabric in order to secure them with the grove.

The Louis XVI seat has many advantages. First, it's easy to maintain. Secondly, it is a wedding chair par excellence since the furniture is preserved against stains. This is convenient to avoid surprises after a toast or even a drop of wine that can be poured into it. One of its peculiarities is the presence of many hand-engraved adornments.

On the comfort side, the chair derives its magic from its ability to escape any distortions. To do this, the craftsmen have surpassed themselves by piercing the secret of firmness and flexibility. The old seat will bring your guests back to life in the 16th century. All that's missing are long dresses and wigs to project themselves into the past.

The golden baroque chair

Chaise baroque dorée

Symbol of wealth, the gold color present everywhere on the golden chair baroque style. She will embellish a reception room during an engagement, Christmas celebration or other...

The furniture is both luxurious and chic. This proves that anyone can convert into an aristocrat for a day or a night. Nevertheless, you will remain so forever by signing a definitive purchase. The association between beech wood is the satin sheet remains the most remarkable.

The foam padded will be your allies to ensure the comfort of the guests. You can add a sofa to the corner of a room so your guests can chat quietly. Rococo chairs became a must in castles and churches during the 16th century.

The furniture derives its design from the essence of beech wood. The furniture is made to last in time. Another argument is that the chair is ideal for joining a couple. Indeed, you will be seduced by its romantic details. The polyester fabric is retained by tapestry nails.

The Baroque Throne

Trône baroque blanc et argenté

The white Baroque Throne is enclosed inside a PVC carpet. The textile of the folder is held with nails. All its constituent elements of the furniture were handmade to testify to its authenticity.

The presence of a high back helps to differentiate the sumptuous throne with the chair. It is assigned to offer a majestic look to guests. It will also highlight one person in particular. It will therefore surely be appropriate to offer a complete success to a marriage. In addition, its rounded shape will bring grandeur to the place.

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HTDECO is the specialist in the sale of many baroque furniture. You can find chairs, armchairs and sofas at the shop. Furniture for sale is offered at the best price, often cheaper than the price of a used baroque chair, and delivered quickly.

The furniture on sale is renowned for the quality of the materials. The techniques used often echo those used by former craftsmen. You will therefore be sure to have a seat with a consistent reproduction of the year louis XV and louis XVI.

The finishes are worked efficiently to ensure a perfect aesthetic. The purchase will be approved for the provision of comfortable and durable furniture. The prices of our products are accessible for all budget categories, so the profitability of rentals is ensured quickly with a few events.

The places where furniture is made are China and Egypt. These are European reproductions, so you can expect to discover chairs modeled in the French style.

We do not offer rentals, for this we invite you to go to the event organizers to use their rental services.