Currently, antique furniture is very fashionable. They will give your interior a touch of glamour. How do I recognize an old baroque chair? Don't worry about it. This handy guide will be of great use to you

The origins and meaning of baroque style

The Baroque current is a term first appeared in a small town in Italy during the 16th century. As the current grew, it influenced the design of certain fields such as art, literature, music and architecture. In just one year, the Baroque movement spread throughout France.

The first baroque chairs and armchairs were created during the reign of King Louis XVI. Indeed, the furniture of this period was strongly affected by the rococo or "baroco" style in Portuguese. Baroque is an ideology based on exuberance and exaggeration, hence the particular shape of his feet, his backrest, his seat and his armrest.

Thanks to its unique hue and look, baroque chairs have captivated most Catholic churches. From this moment on, rococo furniture is the epitome of excellence. Moreover, for priests, the Louis XIV armchair symbolizes nobility, purity and wealth. Indeed, the décor of this era provides unparalleled comfort.

If old chairs are rare, you can find today very beautiful copies of carved wood.

Reproductions of baroque chairs

Currently, there is a complete collection of reproductions of baroque chairs. Therefore, when shopping, you will be spoilt for choice. Let yourself be seduced by the splendour of its high-end fabric seat and velvet feet. By installing them in your living room, you will offer your guest a friendly atmosphere in a chic setting.

The materials used

If some models were made using Real Leather. Copies are often leather-like, less expensive and easier to maintain and clean. In addition, you will have the opportunity to match them with a table and a vintage lamp.

How do I recognize an old baroque chair?

Distinguishing a 16th century chair is not an easy task. Therefore, you must be very thorough. How do I do that?

Be aware that baroque armchairs can stand out on four points:

  • His style
  • Its structure
  • Its shape
  • Its decoration
  • His sculpture

His style

Baroque furniture stands out for its soft colour. Embodying the style of Louis XVI, they exist under several dyes: light pink, green, yellow, purple, light blue, cream, peach, pearl, shade of purple and others.

Moreover, rococo chairs are made from natural wood, refined fabric such as silk and satin. Some craftsmen also use glass and crystal to decorate his chair. The nature of iron may vary depending on the model. Indeed, some furniture dating from this period is made with bronze, brass, copper, silver, aluminum and others.

Its structure

The old chairs stand out thanks to the structure of its ankles at the foot-cross fitting. However, if the chair is lined, you will only see one ankle. That's why you need the advice of an expert.

Its shape

In general, the shape of rococo furniture is oriented towards asymmetry. Some will have somewhat rounded shapes identical to aviator chairs.

Its decoration and sculpture

The decoration of the chairs dating from the Baroque period varies according to its creator. Some opted for solid wooden feet while others turned to the massive gilded frames.

The frames are decorated with figurine sculptures, medallions, clocks and antique cabinets. To beautify your room, you can build a complete collection of vintage interior furnishings. They can assign a respectful image to your home.

Where to buy a baroque chair?

Baroque chairs are available in shops and online shops specializing in the sale of antique furniture, Htdeco is the king of art reproduction. Among antique furniture, a pair always sells for more than a mismatched seat, especially the series of more than six pieces. 

If you prefer to buy reproductions of furniture, you can easily create a dining room set, consisting of chairs and antique baroque armchairs.

At antique shops, but most of them will offer furniture in poor condition and others will suggest renovated furniture. Innovating antique furniture requires know-how, expertise and a good budget.

We also advise you to check out the antique shops. Some of them are true fans of art, they will guide you. Be aware that the price of each product varies according to its style and its time.