Vintage furniture style is back in fashion. Some manufacturers reproduce models of sixties furniture, entire salons that make you dream. Among these lounges is the vintage-style aviator armchair. Come-back of this retro model!

Vintage aviator style

The vintage aviator is a comfortable seat model that appeared in the 1950s. It is formed by a leather seat, a voluminous appearance, and a large back.

Its perimeter is designed in riveted metal reminiscent of the bodies of an airplane. The decorators nicknamed this armchair as the aviator style, because of its metal casing with rivet that recalls the bodies of the fighter jets of the Second World War.

With this kind of assembly, this chair has become the most rigid of the period. The resumption of this model borrows the same manufacturing designs, but this time it is presented in different colors. The most popular with the public is the brown sofa.

Description of vintage aviator armchair

Fauteuil aviateur vintage

The aviator armchair is distinguished by very wide seats reminiscent of the shape of the seats of the 1950s aircraft, with resting armrests and a metal riveted aluminium casing.

The metal assembly uses dotted rivets. The armchairs and sofas are rigid with seats of old appliances. It takes many forms, adopts a full-flower type leather, of different colors, but the original color remains the brown.

The inside of the seats are equipped with springs and sponge to support the weight of the person sitting on it. Its sleek design gives it classic looks, which is why decorators use it to adorn the waiting rooms with the most chic addresses.

The aviator sofa comes in one place, in pouffe or bistro chair. It is highly appreciated by art collectors, automotive and aviation enthusiasts.

Leather seats can be buttoned in shape or stitched in length, tile or part only. The seats are 54 cm deep, weighing 36 kg. The material used for the support is oak, rubber or solid beech wood that will serve as feet.

Below the armrest begins the metal envelope, making a semi-circle to wrap it. The main metal used to cover it is aluminum, and the seat and back are full flower leather. The seat trim is foam, sometimes with springs on burlap straps. The armrest and backrest are also lined with foam. The manufacturing remains handcrafted with a beautiful exterior finish.

Different models of aviator seats

Several of the best-selling models of aviator sofas are included in the decorative furniture market. Some of the best-known models include the "Egg," "Club," "Eye," "Ball" or "Chesterfield" style.

The "cigar" aviator armchair

The cigar aviator armchair is characterized by brown leather seats, very thick and comfortable. The seat is stitched in the middle to the backrest. The rim is designed in metal plate, full of rivet, inspired by the hull of an airplane. The cigar has a sober and elegant style, and can be used for any style of interior design.

The club-style armchair and sofa

The vintage black or brown aviator club armchair features leather seats that mimic the club armchairs of the 1930s. Its armrest is hollow in a quarter circle and the whole is wrapped in a riveted aluminum plate, reminiscent of the wings of a B52. His back is slightly wide and swollen.

It exists in other colors and can be available in sofas of 2 or 3 seats depending on the model. It is used to adorn waiting rooms in offices, shops or private clubs. Its back is made up of riveted aluminum plates.

Aluminium was the easiest material to find in the United States of America after World War II, with military propeller aircraft being replaced by jet aircraft. The pilots' seats were recycled to create the leather and metal aviator armchair, cheap and beautiful, it met with great success in the 1950s.

The other aviator sofas

  • The "Debbie" chesterfield is a chesterfield sofa wrapped in an airplane body. Its seat and back are sparkling, reflecting its shape after sitting on it.
  • The ball style features a striped leather seat. Its back is round, riveted aluminum, hollow in the center with round shapes. It is used for cigar sofas, shop or in private lounges.
  • The cigar and club style are the most comfortable of the aviator styles. The seats are soft, sewn into the shape of tiles. The whole is both covered with metal plate, crossed with that of leather.  

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