Are you looking for an old chair to enhance your interior decoration? The Voltaire chair is perfect for bringing a vintage touch to your home. It is a luxurious, comfortable and well-padded chair that appeared in the 19th century and is still in vogue.

Through this article we will help you identify an authentic Voltaire chair and its history. We'll also show you how to redesign an old Voltaire chair.

What is a Voltaire chair?

The Voltaire armchair entered the world of interior decoration in the 19th century during the reign of Louis-Philippe from 1830 to 1848. It's a relaxing seat with a deep, padded seat and roulette feet that makes it easy to move around.

In the beginning, the Voltaire chair was designed specifically for the sick and elderly. Its name comes from the name of the famous French philosopher and writer "Voltaire" who died in 1778.

You may be asking why the chair is named after the philosopher when he died long before the time of the appearance of this famous seat. According to history, the philosopher likes to relax on a high-backed chair with bright woodwork. That's why this seat was given the name Voltaire chair.

How do I recognize a Voltaire chair?

The Voltaire chair is made from exotic woods such as ebony, beech, rosewood, etc. It has a very deep and well padded seat with spring. A high back, a little inclined and padded, the woodwork is clear.

There is also the Voltaire armchair with a back of clover, violin and law. The chair has wide armrests and console armrests extended a little higher than other traditional armchairs. To make it easier, the curvature at the kidneys facilitates the support of the lumbar.

The footing is simple devoid of sculptures, they are consoled, straight, balustre and sometimes umbrellas with the end in roulette. It is adorned with chic floral and brightly coloured tapestries. This is a really convenient and comfortable chair excellent for resting.

This model is the opposite of the old Louis XVI armchair, it has the same curves as the seats of the Louis XIV era of louis XV style chairs.

Dress up an old Voltaire chair

Would you like to restore your Voltaire chair? Here are some tips to follow to make it look good.

If the back and seat are too damaged, you need to remove the foam and fabric. Remove the tapestry nails first if studded, you can remove them by the clip-

The second step is to strip the Voltaire chair, the varnish stains and paint must disappear. This work is not really easy, but it is really important that you manage to put the wood in its raw state.

Then take a sponge and clean it with water and dishware. Now you have to paint it with acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, sand a lightly and repaint it with the paint of your choice.

Attach the canvas with an elastic strap to hold the foam padding. To put the upholsterer, you first have to cut the fabric with a pattern. Choose the most beautiful furniture fabric style with patterns and colors.

Finally, use a glue gun to stick a rope or stripe.

A modern living room with a sofa and armchairs

If the Voltaire chair is an old seat it can complement with many other seats and furniture, you can integrate it into an old style interior with a Louis XIV chair. But it can also perfectly be accompanied by a modern décor with a red aviator chair, all tastes are allowed with the Voltaire model. 

Whatever the decoration of your home, it is a comfortable seat that is suitable for relaxation, we like to relax in front of a fireplace, winter evenings with a good book. If there are sofas of the same style you will find many sofas that can mix with this type of seating.

If you want to have a modern living room, don't hesitate to choose baroque chairs and sofas. Opt for a baroque velvet or padded sofa, or choose a meridian sofa. This will give a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to your living room. It's the same with armchairs.

Choose chairs and sofas that have the same style. But that doesn't stop you from playing on colors.      

To learn more about the philosopher Voltaire with the French Academy.