The aviator egg rmchair appeared in the early 1950s. Over time, it has established itself as a reference in terms of design furniture. This piece of furniture combines refinement, elegance and comfort. It is of an original ovoid shape.

It looks like an almost timeless object and especially very trendy nowadays. Its coating is either fabric, PVC or leather. Several online stores offer the sale.


What is the aviator egg armchair?

Where does this style of egg-shaped seat model come from?

Where to buy a used aviator egg armchair?

The aviator egg armchair model

The egg armchair Used aviator is known as English-born Egg armchair. It was designed as a headquarters by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. He is a Danish interior designer. It was originally designed to decorate the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The armchair has now become an icon of industrial design. It is in the form of an egg. This seat is designed to bring together the seat, the backrest and the armrests. The whole thing actually forms a single piece. The furniture designer who was in charge of designing the elements of the hotel's décor took the opportunity to try bold theories about functional architecture. His work led him to the creation of the egg armchair. The purpose of the armchair is to guarantee guests and guests of the hotel a relaxing and friendly environment. The furniture was installed at the level of the lobby.

In the beginning, the designer used modeled clays to work on the shape of the very first models. He used it to make their hulls. Arne Jacobsen is considered to be the first designer who used under the tapestry of foam for furnishings. Now, the methods of making furniture and especially the seats have undergone a marked evolution.

The aviator egg armchair is made with fairly reinforced fiberglass as well as polyurethane foam. The armchair's shells have a tilt fitting to adjust the seat according to the weight and size of the user. The only foot is in the form of a star. It makes it easy to rotate the furniture 360 degrees.

The egg armchair is more influenced by the Womb chair of architect Eero. At that time, this technological innovation was highly appreciated. Its ovoid shape contrasts with the horizontal architecture of the hall. The building armchair has a sleek and fluid design. Its features give it a touch of modernity and elegance on the inside. It is well prized by fans of vintage design. The first models were marketed by Fritz Hansen. The name of the marketing code is No. 3317.

This design classic is found in several modern hotels as well as in the salons of design enthusiasts with a taste for vintage. There are various variations of the original model for decorating the living room, garden or office. Egg armchairs are made of wool, cashmere, fabric or leather.

A seat inspired by designer armchairs

There are several variations and styles of the egg armchair. They are used to embellish the interior. To have authenticity, the original model is the Black Egg chair. Modern styles are the bubble armchair, the cocoon egg model and the aviator egg model.

The aviator egg carmhair became in Cologne in 1966 a centerpiece for interior decoration. It inspires the feeling of intimacy and protection that gives the impression of being in an egg. The aviator model is dressed in leather with a metal shell such as the body of a small aircraft. The hull is beautifully enamelled with rivets. It's reminiscent of the Douglas DC-3 aircraft with an aluminum cabin.

The brown egg aviator armchair is graceful and elegant. It guarantees its user a real comfort and a certain intimacy. Its oval shape allows you to perfectly match the curves of the body. It has armrests and a head support. It comes with cushions about 20 cm thick. Its touch is soft and silky.

Designers use several types of coatings. The leather one is of superior quality. In reality, leather is a resistant material. The seat therefore enjoys a great longevity. The chair ages without being distorted. It makes the armchair more expensive. The fabric cladding is a guarantee of the personalization of the furniture.

Depending on the décor of the salon, you can choose fabrics of different colors. It should be noted that the colours of widely used fabrics are white, black and red. The fabric furniture is less prestigious than the leather furniture. It is more economical but requires more maintenance. The fabrics get dirty more easily. To choose an Egg armchair-style design chair, don't forget to consider the quality of the materials used.

The leather and wooden egg aviator armchair is more durable. Particular emphasis should be placed on the colour of the coating for better decoration. The appropriate dimensions depend on the area of the interior. The furniture should not be too small or larger. To compensate for this situation, it is recommended to opt for a model with a device for adjusting dimensions. In the worst case scenario, the standard Acapulco model is the first choice. It has a seating height ranging from 40 to 50 cm. In the garden, the Egg hanging armchair is more suitable.

Where to buy a used egg armchair?

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The Ebay site can also be interesting if you want to expand the search to foreign countries, beware of postage and customs that might apply. In the case of a second-hand purchase, it is a preference for sellers in your area to check the condition, as a seat to be restored can cost more than the seat.

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Everything is made available on this website in order to make the interior of the clientele more trendy and original. Different seats are available for purchase. The padded leather aviator egg carmhair has an adjustable height. It can be used as an office cabinet or for a private club. The padded and padded model has four feet fashioned from light wood. It has as size 85 cm in height and as width 65 cm. It is capable of carrying a significant weight. One of the rare models is the fiberglass cocoon. It is covered with aluminum.

With its central iron foot, it rotates 360 degrees. Its dimensions are 50 cm wide and 90 cm high. The Eames Lounge Chair has made design history. He went through decades without taking a single wrinkle. Other cult armchairs include Fritz Hansen's Egg carmhair, Harry Bertoia's Diamond armchair, Pierre Paulin's "Mushroom" armchair, designer Le Corbusier's LC3 and many others.