You want to give character to your decorating style, for this go for the rococo armchair. It adds a touch of gothic and a bit of originality to your home.

Which model to turn to? We make available to you the characteristics and models of Louis XIV furniture.

The rococo style

Many of you still don't know the essence of rococo style. The latter is a European art movement that began in the 17th century. Rococo is an artistic ideology created in reaction against the Baroque that has influenced several fields of activity.

Recognising a rococo sofa is easy thanks to its quality design. By showcasing natural elements such as wood and velvet, he knows how to embody nobility and harmony. In addition, you can install this product in your living room as well as in your offices.

How to distinguish an ancient rococo throne from a forgery?

Be aware that the authentic rococo-style lounge is marked by natural decoration such as leaves, shells and flowers. Some artists highlight his creation by adding ornaments imitating rocks and natural stones.

A wide selection of rococo armchair reproductions is available when shopping at our Htdeco store.

How did the Baroque current manifest itself?

It is a movement that embodies the aesthetic philosophy of Louis XIV, which appeared a few years before the Rococo style. The furniture and paintings of this period represented this by a well-groomed design.

So far, seats clad in noble fabrics are very popular. It lends a touch of contemporary art to your home.

How is a rococo armchair made?

A rococo sofa is made using natural elements. Some models are designed from noble wooden structure. In order to give them more resistance, some cabinetmakers use metal plate frames.

Their faux or real leather coatings will seduce you. In addition, leather is an easy material to clean. It won't disappoint you in terms of comfort. In fact, some feet have been decorated with a sculpture of animal feet.

According to history, the seat of the rococo salons is padded with the help of hair, silk filling, polyester foam or good quality goose feathers. As a result, the throne will enhance your experience. Nothing beats the comfort of a luxurious décor to refresh your interior. The shape of his backrest will keep your spine straight. You will have the opportunity to rest in peace in your home.

The characteristics of rococo furniture; these are furniture that embody fantasy. Its curved and distinguished lines will help you create a friendly space.

Which rococo armchair to choose?

Fauteuil rococo rose

Currently, there are various types of rococo furniture. Some seats are decorated with animal-shaped sculpture (lion, snake and bird) while others are decorated with rhinestones.

The quality of its curved lines and its original shape will give you incredible comfort. Be aware that the Louis XVI seats in wood and velvet as well as the throne armchair are among the best sellers of this year.

To which type of rococo model to turn:

The Louis XIV and Louis XVI armchair in wood and velvet

You can choose your Louis XVI armchair in wood and velvet depending on the space available in your apartment, your budget and your decorating style. The chair is 64 cm wide and 95 cm high, for example, perfect for a small house. Equipped with a wooden veneer, it combines luxury with an unusual robustness. It is perfect as a decoration in an office. Discover new sensations with its quality polyurethane seat, which has a density of 18 kg/m3.

However, its velvet coating is easy to maintain. We strongly recommend this if you have young children in your home. If necessary, you can contact companies specializing in old furniture cleaning. In general, they offer a reasonable price and within everyone's reach.

Among the Louis XIV armchair models, you will find the classic baroque armchair, which is ideal to be installed around a solid wooden table. Indeed, their seat heights make it possible to sit comfortably at a dining room table. They will be a good addition to your rococo chairs bringing extra comfort thanks to their armrests.

The throne armchair

The throne chair is a luxury piece of furniture. Often in marble or bronze, it will embellish your room. Its slightly curved shape will give you unparalleled comfort.

The seat of the thrones is padded by high-end products such as goose feathers and mosses on old models (antiques) and polyurethane on modern ones.

Moreover, this type of armchair can withstand a significant load because of their very solid solid solid wood frame. It's a pretty practical decoration for the luxury reception rooms. Indeed, your guests will be surprised by the beauty of your interior.

Also be aware that the price of a rococo armchair varies depending on the model, its coating, its design and its dye. At first glance, rococo furniture with a neutral dye (beige, off-white, taupe and brown) is the most expensive. Before you buy your decorative furniture, you need to take into account the color of your walls and your desires.

The living room is a relaxing space where you can meet up with family or friends. If you have room add a 2 or 3 seated rococo sofa to your chair. So your living room will be transformed into a room with a unique decoration that can accommodate all of you guests.