Timeless furniture with a chic and modern interior, the leather and metal aviator chair subtly combines rare elegance with authentic design. Its aesthetic style combined with the brown color of the leather and the brilliance of riveted aluminium will allow you to dress your living room, your office or your room with originality.

This Chesterfield or club-style seat blends in with both vintage and contemporary décor. A version of armchair or sofa, a coating in real full-flower leather or faux leather, a wide collection of armchairs are available to you to bring a certain cachet and elegance unique to your space. Before you get started, discover the history, materials, designs and styles of a leather and metal aviator chair.

How a leather and riveted metal aviator chair is made

Find out how this furniture collection is made. In general, it consists of a wooden structure, a leather coating and aluminum plates of aircraft.

When it was created, the furniture designers were inspired by the Art Deco style that took the wind in 1925. They gave their creations clean and curved lines to satisfy the desires of comfort, luxury and perfection of the Bourgeois of the time. Very quickly, this aviator chair met with great success by inviting itself into the famous French and English clubs. This earned it the name "club chair."

fauteuil aviateur marron ball

A wooden structure

What is hidden under this patinated and aged leather faux that gives a vintage style to the aviator chair? It is a solid wood structure carefully carved to get a unique design that makes a sensation. In most cases, designers use exotic species such as rubber to combine robustness and refinement. The wooden structure of this chesterfield seat model is immaculately crafted and adheres to long-standing handmade methods. Its solidity is guaranteed, whether you choose a model of one seat or two seats. This collection of ball sofas can therefore be installed in any type of place: in a living room, in an office, in a living room or in a high-traffic interior such as waiting rooms or hairdressing rooms. In addition to this wooden structure, this armchair version is also composed of aluminum airplane plates.

Favorite armchair style of famous politicians such as Stalin, Truman or General de Gaulle, the aviator chair in brown leather and riveted metal with rounded shapes crosses the eras with brilliance.

Its glory years began in the mid-19th century. It is characterized by its deep style, its comfortable and wide seat, its brown faux leather coating and its rounded shapes.

This original-designed seat model remains a prestigious piece of furniture that can be found in any type of room, modern or vintage, from the living room to the office. The version of the ball chair will especially delight fans of aviation, travel in the air, high speed, especially modern chic.

Airplane aluminum plates

At first glance, the club range evokes retro aviator chairs thanks to the edge made with riveted metal plates that resemble the cabin of an old airplane. The whole thing is highlighted by a brown-style cowhide coating that combines strength, flexibility and waterproofing.

Like the Douglas sofa of the year 45 offers a firm seat and well padded microfibre material for unrivalled comfort on the spot. Not to mention the armrest of the ball seat to optimize the pleasure of sitting and relaxing on it. The set forms a comfortable piece of furniture with a clean look to bring a chic and relaxing spirit to your interior.

Be aware that in addition to the wooden structure, this touch of aluminum gives the whole structure more originality and brilliance. It gives real added value and a warm spirit to your interior decoration thanks to the brown or black patinated leather coating of the Douglas collection as well as its unique shape.

Whether you want to create a retro or modern style interior, the ball chair of the year 45 will satisfy your desires. Also sold in a 3-seater sofa model, just get into the habit of maintaining this version of furniture from 1 to 3 seats, especially the seat to enjoy as long as possible its elegance and comfort.

Furniture of different styles and shapes

Very design and comfortable, the Chesterfield armchair range can be integrated into any type of interior decoration thanks to the different styles and shapes available. The originality and elegance of this douglas sofa model will enhance your décor and your room.

You can create an interior with a vintage spirit of the 50s or very contemporary thanks to this wooden structure with a leather coating, a metal rim and an exceptional look. Make way for an authentic decoration that looks just like you!

The vintage aviator club chair

Want to bring a real identity to your home, office or premises? The vintage and refined look of some Douglas chairs will satisfy your desires. The black leather ball seat with a soft seat will enhance your living room, shop, lounge bar or waiting room.

The brown patinated leather faux coating on your sofa gives it a vintage feel for a unique interior design. The sleek side of this model is enhanced by the metal plate which is similar to the aircraft cabin.

It won't be complicated for you to find a vintage-style collection to adorn your home, among this wide variety of club sofas with solid wooden structure on the market.

Fauteuil club aviateur simili cuir et métal

The brown leather design model

The collection of club chairs is also the expression of modern design, if you know how to choose a model with a contemporary style. The chesterfield sofa in comfortable seating and metal rim can brighten your interior with a touch of contemporaneity

Whether you want to install your ball chair in a living room like the living room or in a work room, your seat with a wooden structure and a brown leather faux coating will be the centerpiece of your interior decoration. You can adorn the square with a cushion or not, in any case, this chair from the year 1945 will not go unnoticed. It will be able to reconcile the light and quality of the handcrafted manufacturing as well as the requirements of comfort.

The elegance and flexibility of the faux coating as well as the brilliance of aluminum will allow you to enjoy a piece of furniture with a contemporary design. Your aviator cabin chair industrial and modern metal and leather to fit any refined interior in a vintage or contemporary style.

It will take place in style in a corner or in the center of your room. With a design sofa with a rounded shape is also available with colors other than brown.

China in the wide collection available on the market. You can opt for more discreet shades for softness or for the model with more shimmering colors very popular on the social network and very famous in advertising to bring more warmth to your living room. In addition to its comfort, your club version seat offers a great level of comfort with its cozy seat.