The taste for furnishings reflects the beauty and originality of a living room. In fact, there is fine furniture not only in a living room, but also in an office, a waiting room and a simple personal room. And to perfect the elegance of the place, what could be better than a brown leather aviator armchair?

A collection of vintage armchairs to travel in his living room

Vintage fashion is back. Moreover, Art Deco has been able to pass through time without depriving itself of its prestige. The concept was recognized around the 1920s. It has completely seduced the public and retains a majority place in the choices of interior décor to the present day. Indeed, vintage armchairs are very popular on the market. These armchairs combine the authenticity of aged leather with the interior design of the armchair style. We meet mainly the club models and Chesterfield, the kings on the furniture network.

The brown aviator club chair

The term "club" was introduced by the bourgeois who frequented French clubs at the time. At the base, the armchair was called a "comfortable armchair." This name is earned by the softness of the furniture and the particular comfort of its seating. The chairs have rounded ends and large armrests. This revolutionized the world of French furniture, the differentiation in the style of armchair and comfort brought in relation to a classic armchair. The popularity gained in French clubs earned it the name "club", hence the club carmhair.

The aviator collection with riveted aluminum plates especially attracts those looking to decorate a room in a vintage and refined way. The model is unique in the use of riveted metals which gives it the look of an airplane cabin. Aviation enthusiasts quickly succumb to this kind of club armchair.

A brown leather club armchair is covered in faux leather or leather barely flower. It is precisely this coating that gives it its retro look. The art of manufacture as well as the traditional materials used are still maintained by many producers. Other craftsmen replaced some materials with others that appeared later. For example, a synthetic material replaces the hair for the filling.

The body of the armchair is made of solid wood. It is then coated in sheepskin called basane. The leather barely flower treats delicately to display results as retro as life. The sheep's coat is first wet, the handling must be very careful to avoid damaging the natural aspects of the fabric.

Its charm and uniqueness are reflected in the scars of time felt on leather. The material is then dried, tinted, patinated and waxed. All this process requires a great mastery of the subject to be able to enhance the quality of the chair. Once these processes are completed, it is lined with a metal rim (especially aluminum), which makes it look like a cabin. Those who sit on it find themselves carried in the air, with its clean lines and its plane-like appearance.

The Chesterfield aviator armchair

With some similarities to club armchairs, Chesterfield are typically English. Its production is considered to have been reassembled around the 18th century. Another one that has lost none of its notoriety in the market. A Chesterfield armchair has this much-needed comfort property. Despite the lower seat back, the seat is still cozy and pleasant. Since its inception, the Chesterfield armchair has been highly appreciated by the English bourgeois aristocracy.

Currently, to dress a room, looking for vintage, the Chesterfields are one of the best candidates to take into account. It turns out to be very classy with its leather coating and padded nails. A vintage decoration assured!

The leather used is the barely flower sheep leather. The body of the chair is carefully trimmed by a carpenter. The most common woods used are beech, oak and fir. These materials ensure the solidity of the furniture. Then it is trimmed with hair by a saddler, which gives it its resilience and silky texture to the seat.

However, a resilient synthetic foam can be used as a garnish. The term resilient defines the fact that the chair returns to its original shape once discharged from a weight. The suspensions provide the flexibility of the armchair, these can be Nozag or biconic springs.

The Chesterfield model not only features the classic aviator armachair, but also the ball seat collection. The ball model is made in the same way, unlike its bubble-like design.

The brown leather version of the aviator rmchair is the one that best reflects a design but vintage interior. However, copper can dye in other colors. The green is a beautiful shade and the red is a rather special atmosphere.

Beware of imitations, almost perfect at first, of a leather armchair. They identify themselves by their non-resilient pads and coldness to the touch. The imitations deteriorate rapidly, the coating tears easily. They are fitted with straps for suspensions. However, the elastic strap loosens over time.

Where to buy aged brown leather aviator armchairs?

There is a wide selection of aviator armchairs on the market. Many shops offer them online at various prices. In general, the technique and materials are similar, but it is still necessary to ensure the qualities produced. The aviator armchair and aviator sofa can be found in leather furniture stores.

To buy antiques, we advise you to go to a specialist antique dealer to guarantee the authenticity of your furniture. Old pieces usually sell for several thousand euros if they are in good condition.

Our aviator furniture store offers only vintage aviator armchairs with synthetic materials that perfectly mimic leather to do the slightest harm to animals.